Digital Guardian Debuts On-Demand CISO Mentoring Webinar Series

WALTHAM, Mass., Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Former CISOs from Citi, AT&T, and DuPont headline webinars to share lessons learned, helping current and aspiring CISOs advance their careers

WALTHAM, Mass. – November 28, 2018 – Digital Guardian (DG) today announced the launch of its CISO Mentoring Webinar Series, a collection of on-demand webinars designed for security practitioners who aspire to be CISOs, and want to learn how to be more strategic and successful in the position.

“Digital Guardian began the CISO Mentoring Webinar Series to foster professional development for CISOs as they grow in their careers,” said Steve Katz, former CISO, Citi. “With the cybersecurity threat landscape changing so quickly, it’s more important than ever for CISOs to effectively communicate their concerns while aligning their key priorities with executive leadership as well as their Board of Directors.”

The CISO Mentoring Webinar Series kicks off with three webinars hosted by former CISOs from Fortune 500 companies including Citi, AT&T, and DuPont:

"Landing Your First CISO Job"

  • Who: Steve Katz, former CISO, Citi
  • What: Growth in information security drives a demand for people that can transition from being a “technologist with people skills” to a business leader. In this webinar, Steve Katz explains what aspiring executives need to do, starting today, to attain their first CISO role.

"Making the CISO Strategic"

  • Who: Ed Amoroso, former CISO, AT&T
  • What: Being a CISO requires more than information security knowledge; CISOs should also understand and be able to communicate how security ties into business value and risk. In this webinar, Ed Amoroso discusses preparing for and navigating the path to CISO success.

"Stories from the CISO Trenches"

  • Who: Larry Brock, former CISO, DuPont
  • What: In this webinar, Larry Brock examines the key lessons he learned in managing security in a global organization with invaluable intellectual property. Larry explores how he systematically addressed threats from both inside and outside the organization, built a holistic protection program and effectively communicated that program throughout the organization.

Complementing its new webinar series, Digital Guardian has released a standalone webinar for CISOs that want to take control of their formal business education:

“Speak the Language of Business: The CISO’s Guide to a No-Pay MBA”

  • Who: Laurie Pickard, Founder of No-Pay MBA
  • What: CISOs are realizing they must improve their ability to communicate successfully with the boardroom and other C-level executives. Although some CISOs go back to school to obtain their MBAs, most lack the time or money to do so. In this webinar, Laurie Pickard, author of Don’t Pay for Your MBA, explains how senior security professionals can use free online courses from prestigious business schools to obtain their goals.

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