KLAS Research Rates Digital Guardian as a Top Performer in their Data Loss Prevention 2017 Report for Healthcare

WALTHAM, Mass., Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Digital Guardian Recognized as the Best Vendor for Accurately Identifying PHI

WALTHAM, Mass. – December 20, 2017 – Digital Guardian today announced that it has been positioned by KLAS Research as one of the top performers as a full-suite vendor for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in healthcare, according to its Data Loss Prevention 2017 Performance Report. This is the first report by KLAS that closely evaluates DLP needs and use cases within the healthcare industry.

In February 2017, KLAS published a comprehensive look at cybersecurity within healthcare organizations. DLP was one of the most frequently mentioned technologies used by security professionals that had the greatest impact for their organization. Due to these findings, KLAS now views DLP as a fundamental part of its Cybersecurity Framework for Healthcare, and conducted a more in-depth study of customers using DLP to produce its Data Loss Prevention 2017 Report.

The need for DLP should come as no surprise given the rapidly rising number of healthcare data breaches. In Q3 2017 alone, there were 99 breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) bringing the 2017 YTD total up to 272 incidents resulting in 4,601,097 Americans having their personal health information (PHI) exposed or stolen.i The causes range from outside attacks leveraging ransomware to well-meaning healthcare professionals not following basic PHI protection policies, both of which can be defended against with data loss prevention software.

According to respondents in KLAS’ Data Loss Prevention 2017 Report Digital Guardian was rated highest among vendors in its ability to accurately identify PHI. According to KLAS, Digital Guardian “helps to trim out false positives by having a high level of customization for rules and robust fingerprinting capabilities, which allow providers to pinpoint PHI at a very precise level.” ii Digital Guardian was also noted as having strong out-of-the-box functionality.

“Digital Guardian provides data loss prevention to all industries, protecting against insider threats and external adversaries,” said Ken Levine, president and chief executive officer, Digital Guardian. “And no industry is more important than healthcare. Protecting sensitive PHI data is increasingly important as the healthcare industry has fallen victim to numerous breaches in 2017. We are pleased KLAS has provided this important report highlighting the need within healthcare for proper fingerprinting techniques to secure PHI and comply with HIPAA.”

Supplemental Respondent Quotes from Digital Guardian Customers in the KLAS Data Loss Prevention 2017 Report

In addition to KLAS’ research findings, certain respondents who were surveyed provided additional commentary about their DLP solution:

  1. “I think the product is phenomenal. We have the full Digital Guardian suite, and I have no concerns about the Digital Guardian system’s ability to catch and flag things.”
  2. “Some of the other DLP systems don’t necessarily look for exact PHI. The users have to be careful about comparing apples and oranges. Based on how we have implemented Digital Guardian DLP, I feel very confident that we are stopping the loss of PHI.”
  3. “About three or four years ago, we didn’t have the funding to actually implement any type of DLP solution like Digital Guardian DLP. But we did want to start to do something. That is when we turned up some of the pattern matches, but we got 95% fail rates. As soon as we implemented Digital Guardian DLP that fail rate went down to around 2%. That was primarily because of the fingerprinting and the pulling of EMR information into the tool to do true-positive matching.”

To receive a complimentary copy of KLAS’ Data Loss Prevention 2017 report, please visit: https://info.digitalguardian.com/analyst-report-KLAS-research-report-for-data-loss-prevention-2017.html

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iQ3, 2017 Healthcare Data Breach Report, HIPPA Journal: https://www.hipaajournal.com/q3-2017-healthcare-data-breach-report/

iiKLAS Data Loss Prevention 2017 Report, December 2017, by Garrett Hall and Dan Czech

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