What is Digital Rights Management?

What is Digital Rights Management?

Learn about digital rights management and why it is important in Data Protection 101, our series on the fundamentals of information security.

Friday Five: 10/12 Edition

New statistics on breached data in 2018 so far, HIPAA compliance or lack thereof, and a report on Pentagon security. Catch up on the week's news with this roundup!

Cyber Security Salary Guide: What Does Today’s Cyber Security Workforce Make?

When it comes to the cybersecurity market, much is made of the growing skills gap. Overlooked is how this can translate to enormous potential for professionals. For the second week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) we break down the myriad of well-paying and rewarding jobs available, and salary data for today's cyber workforce.

Friday Five: 10/5 Edition

Bloomberg's supply chain compromise story scandal, the crisis of election security, and selling patient data on the darkweb. Dig into some of the week's best infosec stories with this roundup.

Healthcare Data Breaches Up 70 Percent Since 2010

Research recently carried out by the Center for Quantitative Health at Massachusetts General Hospital found there have been 2,149 healthcare breaches, impacting 176.4 million patient records, since 2010.

Friday Five: 9/28 Edition

Ransomware hits the Port of San Diego, the EU pushes for a data audit of Facebook, and more - catch up with the week's infosec news with this wrap-up.



Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP)