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Deloitte Hack Underscores Risk of Credential Leaks

The exact circumstances of the hack of Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte aren’t known, but evidence suggests the company was among many that fail to prevent leaks of sensitive data to cloud-based platforms like GitHub.

Equifax Breach Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

The Equifax data breach—one of the largest breaches ever made public—has the potential to be the catalyst for a major change in the way that courts look at the damage that data breaches cause to victims.

Face ID is Probably Going to Be Annoying, But It’s the Future

There are few companies in the tech industry that have a better sense of what consumers want—and are willing to pay premiums for—than Apple. Often, it seems Apple’s marketers and engineers know more about our product desires than we do, and the company is quite adept at satisfying those wants.

The Data Breach (Amazon) Bucket List

The leak of data on U.S. veterans this week is just the latest to be tied back to insecure cloud-based storage. What’s going on? Let’s take a look.



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