Digital Guardian is a Featured Technology Provider in Gartner's Endpoint Detection and Response Tools Competitive Landscape

We are happy to announce that Digital Guardian is featured in Gartner’s 2014 Endpoint Detection and Response Tools Competitive Landscape as a technology vendor providing critical endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

In their report, Gartner analyzed a diverse set of competitive areas from emerging trends for EDR providers and competitive profiles. They declared Digital Guardian as a “notable vendor with some of the widest support for operating systems in the endpoint detection and response (EDR) market”. In addition, Gartner analyst Lawrence Pingree highlighted our capability to address both insider and advanced outsider threat prevention with data-centric activity context. In fact, we are the only security solution to protect data from insider and outsider threats with a single endpoint agent.

The EDR market (also referred to as endpoint threat detection and response [ETDR]) is an emerging security technology market and was created to satisfy the need for continuous detection and response to advanced threats—most notably to significantly improve security monitoring, threat detection and incident response capabilities. Digital Guardian can detect, understand and stop threats as they unfold at the endpoint, ensuring sensitive data is not compromised.

The report goes on to mention that client buying behavior is expected to evolve beyond just detection, investigation and mitigation aspects of threats and malware. Gartner predicts that there will be a movement toward enforcement and prevention during the next couple of years, which will be crucial in enhancing existing endpoint protection platform capabilities. Since Digital Guardian has advanced capabilities to handle both insider and outsider threats, we are currently well positioned in not only detecting and mitigating advanced malware threats but also securing endpoints and preventing data from being compromised.

Read the full Gartner EDR Competitive Landscape Report to learn more.

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