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Digital Guardian Revokes Phishing Licenses (Video Demo)

Watch this video demo to see how Digital Guardian defends against targeted phishing attacks.

Phishing and its near neighbor spearphishing continue to be common and frequently successful attack vectors. Once a user launches a file they are essentially authorizing the subsequent processes, regardless of the ability for these to take over a machine or steal data in the background and without your knowledge. In this video a Digital Guardian Solution Architect demonstrates how phishing attacks can be stopped with our data protection solution.

If you’re interested in seeing how this can apply in your environment, contact us and we can open your eyes to a world class data protection solution. Stay tuned for more demonstration videos to see how Digital Guardian can protect your sensitive data anytime, anywhere.

Bill Bradley


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Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley is director of product marketing at Digital Guardian, bringing over 20 years of technology, marketing, and sales experience to the role. He spent the first portion of his career in field sales and brings this customer-centric mentality to his role in marketing for Digital Guardian. Prior to Digital Guardian Bill was at Rapid7 and the General Electric Corporation.