Friday Five: 1/9 Edition

Your weekly roundup of information security news.

The Friday Five blog is back! Although it is the beginning of a new year, there certainly isn’t a shortage of security news. Here are our picks for this week’s hottest articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. The Biggest Security Threats We’ll Face in 2015” by Kim Zetter (@kimzetter).
    The New Year will birth an inevitable round of security threats and breaches. In this article, Zetter looks back on some of the shortcomings of cybersecurity in 2014 and how they will impact security moving forward.
  2. U.S. Sanctions 10 For Sony Hack, Keeps Mum on Evidence” by Paul F. Roberts (@paulfroberts).
    Who is responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures? The Obama Administration has recently deemed the Democratic Peoples of North Korea (DPNK) the culprit. In response, the administration has sanctioned 10 North Korean officials and several organizations. Roberts delves into the Administration’s decision and compares it to the controversial decision to charge five Chinese militant officers in May of 2014 for committing a similar cyber-crime.
  3. "Cybercriminals, Hacktivists, and More: Know Your Online Banking Security Threats" by Pierluigi Paganini (@securityaffairs).
    With the wave of online banking and the increased presence of cyberattacks, many financial institutions are finding it necessary to update their security measures. Paganini provides a closer look at the types of attackers who pose threats to online banking security as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures they're using.
  4. "Users Report Malicious Ads in Skype" by Dennis Fisher (@DennisF).
    A number of malicious ads have been recently discovered by Skype users. These ads lead to a site that attempts to download a fake Java or Adobe update. Malicious advertisements are a common tactic used by attackers to exploit those who are unsuspecting. To learn more check out this article!
  5. "FBI in tough competition for cybersecurity talent" by John Zorabedian (@JohnZorabedian).
    Despite demand being at an all-time high, the FBI is currently struggling to acquire cybersecurity agents. The salary cap and strict job requirements are hindering the FBI’s efforts to meet their goal of 1,000 new members by 2016. Read more to find out more about how the FBI plans to combat this issue.
Brandon Vasciannie

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