Friday Five: 2/20 Edition

Your Weekly Roundup of information security news.

Happy Friday! Stay warm and conclude your work week with our picks for this week’s top articles from the IT and security presses:

  1. Cyberciminals Target Bank Employees, Steal $1 Billion From Financial Institutions Worldwide” by Kelly Jackson Higgins
    In just two years, an international cybercrime ring originating in Eastern Europe has extracted over $1 billion from 100 different banks in 30 countries. Financial institutions located in Russia, Denmark, and the United States have incurred the largest losses. Check out this article to find out how these cybercriminals carried out this massive cyber-heist.
  2. Nine Takeaways From the White House Cyber-security Summit” by Chris Preimesberger
    Since the New Year, President Obama has been actively taking measures to improve the nation’s cybersecurity. Last week he visited Stanford University where he gave a speech and signed an executive order that called for the sharing of security information between the IT sector, federal government, and the military. Look through Preimesberger’s slides to receive the highlights from the event.
  3. Visa asks to track your smartphone to help sniff out credit card fraud” by John Zorabedian
    Do you want to help reduce credit card fraud? If so, you will have to give up some of your privacy by opting in to Visa’s new location service. This service tracks where customers are at the time of credit/debit card transactions so financial institutions "can more confidently approve the transaction." Give this article a read to learn more!
  4. Surprise! America Already Has a Manhattan Project for Developing Cyber Attacks” by Kevin Poulsen
    The secret is out! It was revealed on Monday that the United States has had a computer security Manhattan Project since at least 2001. This project, which has been labeled highly classified, has gathered some of the brightest minds in the country to produce innovative technological advances. For more information, check out Poulsen’s article.
  5. ‘Yes, Your Car Wash Is On Facebook’” by Dennis Fisher
    “Your car wash can send you emails and yes, your car wash is on Facebook, too.” These are the words of Billy Rios,  explaining how car wash automation equipment contains computers that have Internet connectivity and are susceptible to hacking. If a hacker were to access a car wash device, they could tamper with the car wash settings and even cause damage to vehicles. Read this article a read for an in-depth explanation.
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