How Dirty are Your Data Security Habits? Take our Interactive Quiz to Find Out

Just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy and corresponding spike in cybercrime, we have released our latest interactive challenge to assess your data security hygiene.

While the threats facing companies' and individuals' data are well known, far too often end users do not consider the risks they take on by failing to build strong data security habits. Take this quiz to find out how dirty your data security habits are and get tips on what you can do to improve.

Test your data security hygiene today and then share your results to show off how your scored! Challenge your friends to get a perfect score for a chance to receive a FREE Gartner Report on the critical capabilities for mobile data protection solutions in 2015.

How Dirty are Your Data Security Habits?

Anne Scholl

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Anne Scholl

Anne is senior marketing operations manager at Digital Guardian and spends most of her time managing marketing platforms, finding new ways to increase demand, and her favorite part of the work day, analyzing data to increase program effectiveness. She joins us after spending a couple of years at a cybersecurity startup. Previously Anne completed a Masters degree at NYU, studying cyber security policy. She has a fascination with the cyber industry and enjoys being a part of this cutting edge field.

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