Introducing the 2014 Security Change Agents

We’ve engaged with security influencers from across the industry – key thought leaders, iconic hackers, top analysts, and renowned authors, journalists, CISOs, and business leaders – to name the individuals, organizations, and events that have made significant impact on information security.

What we ended up with is a veritable “who’s who” of those that have driven change in our industry, nominated by a diverse group of accomplished security experts. We’re calling them Security Change Agents.

We’re thrilled with the response we received, both in terms of the nominators who participated and the Change Agents that they picked. Each nominator wrote a short blurb about why they made their selection, bringing a nice personal touch as well as some little-known facts to each profile.

Nominators include the likes of Dan Geer, Richard Stiennon, Chris Wysopal, Jesper Jurcenoks, and many more; their Security Change Agents ranging from Advanced Persistent Threat to Phil Zimmermann, Bruce Schneier to the World Economic Forum and beyond. Without further ado, here's the whole list:

The 2014 Security Change Agents

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Nate Lord

Andrew Kenny (not verified) | October 02, 2014 3:33 pm

Why is Brian Krebs not part of this list?

Nate Lord | October 03, 2014 12:46 pm

Hey Andrew - I totally agree that Brian deserves a spot on any list of infosec influencers. However, a core principal of the Security Change Agents list is that we don't exercise any control over the nominations we receive. Unfortunately, no one nominated Brian in this year's group.

Of course, a crowdsourced list of ~25 is always going to have some key people missing. In addition to Brian I was surprised at absence of folks like Gene Spafford, Mikko Hypponen, Jack Daniel, Dragos Ruiu, and so many more.

On the bright side, there's always next year! This is just the start of Security Change Agents and every year our list will grow closer to capturing the full picture.

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