It’s 10 O’Clock, Do You Know Where Your Data is? If Not, the Digital Guardian Visibility Study is Here to Help

Knowing if your company’s customer information, employee and financial data, intellectual property, and trade secrets are at risk or well-secured is critical for your own protection.

As organizations continue to face increasing pressure from their partners, directors, and auditors to confirm if their sensitive data is well-secured or not, visibility into where that data is stored and how it is accessed or used becomes even more critical. Knowing your weak spots and how you can strengthen them will go a long way in putting you a step ahead of the bad guys that are trying to get in!

Digital Guardian offers the industry’s only on-demand data Visibility Study, powered by the Digital Guardian platform. Our Visibility Study is appropriate for any organization with proprietary or regulated data; it is designed to provide actionable intelligence on policy compliance, privileged user and insider activity, and potentially targeted cyber-attacks. There’s no other service that will give you an in-depth snapshot in just 30 days on how your organization’s sensitive data is being used, or in some cases, misused.

Managing and securing your sensitive data directly impacts your company’s overall success. Most companies aren’t well armed and prepared for potential insider or outsider threats, simply because – in most cases – they don’t have the trained security experts, budget, or software to make sure that they are a step ahead of the game. A reactive security model that puts trying to keep up with the bad guys ahead of securing your data is bad business and only serves to make a breach or compromise inevitable. Digital Guardian’s Visibility Study is an effective tool for uncovering your weak spots – that is, the times and locations where sensitive data is most at risk. As a result, you’ll be able to map your security efforts to your most critical vulnerabilities and get proactive in your security approach.

This service offers you unprecedented clarity into every aspect of how sensitive data is being accessed, stored, and used within your environment. Once deployed by Digital Guardian experts, our host agents immediately begin capturing secure event metadata from multiple sources on host systems; including information on application use, network uploads, data access, printing, email and Webmail events, and all file operations that occur both on and off the network.

The Data Visibility Study service includes a configurable reporting dashboard powered by Digital Guardian’s data intelligence engine, which provides clients with up-to-the-minute risk analysis, report creation, and policy alerting. It also includes support from Digital Guardian consultants to review reports, identify risks, and advise actionable steps to help mitigate potential threats throughout the study period.

Your Visibility Study can be seamlessly upgraded at any time. The evidence and controls provided by the service offers the industry’s only solution to definitively prove just how secure your data is right now — and ensure its value is never compromised by unmanaged or unseen risks.

Serdar Buyuksakayan

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