Equifax Breach Could Have Far-Reaching Effects

The Equifax data breach—one of the largest breaches ever made public—has the potential to be the catalyst for a major change in the way that courts look at the damage that data breaches cause to victims.

The Data Breach (Amazon) Bucket List

The leak of data on U.S. veterans this week is just the latest to be tied back to insecure cloud-based storage. What’s going on? Let’s take a look.

Dragonfly Hackers Gain Access to Global Energy Operations

A group of attackers with suspected ties to the Russian government has been conducting a long-term campaign that has penetrated the networks of energy providers in both the United States and Europe, giving them access to vital systems and the potential ability to cause power disruptions at their leisure.

Mass Breach a Big Concern for Risk Experts

Asked about the possibility of systemic cyber attacks, risk experts cited the possibility of a mass breach in industries like healthcare and finance as a top concern.