Breaking Down the Best Practices & Tools for Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP)

Data classification, discovery, and encryption: We reached out to 18 security experts for insight on implementing a data-centric audit and protection program in an organization.

Homeland Security Urges for Increase in Cybersecurity Spending

A standing committee of the United States House of Representatives is requesting more money to properly secure federal cybersecurity and critical infrastructure in 2020.

Recapping Proposed Changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act

Because of ongoing tweaks, like a recent amendment that would expand consumers' private right to action, the California Consumer Privacy Act remains in constant flux.

Trade Secret Theft Victim Downplays Chinese Espionage Angle

The manufacturer, which recently won an intellectual property case involving the theft of proprietary algorithms, source code, and programming language scripts, doesn't deny it was a victim of corporate theft but disagrees with the implication it was "Chinese espionage."

Friday Five: 4/12 Edition

A once defunct hacking forum returns, the New York Times on privacy, and spyware apps - catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!

Useful Resources for CISOs: Blogs, Papers, Conferences & More

We've collected 50 resources, including blogs, videos, research, and databases, to help CISOs keep up with the demands of their busy job.

State Agencies, Department of Human Services Offices, Being Hit Hard by Phishing Scams

State executive agencies, namely Department of Human Services offices, have increasingly found themselves the victims of successful phishing scams.

Accountability the Next Step in Data Protection

The UK’s Information Commissioner stressed in a speech on Monday that nearly one year into GDPR, the regulation is at a critical stage.

Introducing the New Digital Guardian Support Community

Digital Guardian upgraded its Support Community over the weekend to provide an improved user experience, better workflows and ticketing process.

Friday Five: 4/5 Edition

Employee theft at SMBs, fighting stalkerware, and a "hacker-proof" new cryptographic library - catch up on the week's infosec news with this roundup!