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What is Data Security?

What is data security, why does it matter, and what are the best ways to address data security?

The Future of Data Protection and Looking Towards Our Future at HelpSystems

Combining data loss prevention, data classification and digital rights management is key to shaping the future of data protection.

What is Intellectual Property? Understanding IP Rights, Negligence, Infringement & More

What is intellectual property? We define the term and explain how IP negligence and infringement can harm your organization.

Friday Five 6/24

Read about how daycare apps may be putting your security at risk, why to double-check before ordering your COVID-19 test, the newest cybersecurity legislation signed into law, and more in this week's Friday Five!

Suit Claims Ex-Consultant Stole 30,000 Files to Start Competing Firm

A new lawsuit alleges this consultant stole a library of data from his former employer - copying it from cloud storage to a USB drive - to start a competing firm.

Friday Five 6/17

In this week’s Friday Five, read how ransomware criminals are making use of a kids’ game, how Apple devices everywhere may be affected by a hardware vulnerability, and much more.

4 Ways You Can Use Your Digital Rights Management Tool

Having a Digital Rights Management tool can help your team collaborate in the cloud while meeting compliance needs and adhering to your organization's data security policies.

5 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Best Practices for 2022

Learn about VPNs, why organizations are using them so much more, and what IT leaders can do to help ensure their security.

Latest Chrome Update Resolves Four High Risk Vulnerabilities

Google has yet again updated Chrome to resolve multiple vulnerabilities in the browser, including four marked high severity.

Friday Five 6/10

Read up on how Apple is getting ahead of the curve on security, how you could be targeted in a Facebook phishing scam, why a different type of cyberattack could surpass ransomware, and more all in this week’s Friday Five!