FBI Warns of Increase in Fake, COVID-Related Unemployment Claims

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said this week that its seen a spike in fraudulent unemployment insurance claims related to the pandemic.

Collaboration, Activity Monitoring Key to Identifying Hacker

The FBI recently reflected on the the arrest of a hacker who stole intellectual property from a tech company, including how collaboration and activity monitoring played a role in tracking him down.

Fed Offers Guidance on Curbing Synthetic Identity Fraud

The Federal Reserve shared insights around mitigating synthetic identity fraud, one of the quickest growing financial threats, this week.

EU Data Protection Authority Wants to Promote Digital Justice

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) announced its plans for 2020-2024 this week and stressed that the EU needs digital solidarity and to make data work for all people across Europe’s borders.

Inventor of Anti-Corrosion Tech Allegedly Took IP to New Company

A new lawsuit alleges the chief developer of the company's IP left the company and took some of its confidential information with him to start a new competing company.

Email Error Leads to Exposed PHI of 11,500 Patients

A health plan recently disclosed a data breach of 11,500 patients that was triggered by an email mistake.

Friday Five: 6/26 Edition

Files from hundreds of police departments are leaked, FBI issues a security warning to K12 schools, and more - catch up on all the week's news with the Friday Five.

Senate's New Anti-Encryption Bill Rankles Privacy Advocates

Privacy advocates are up in arms about a sweeping new bill introduced this week that would allow "lawful access" of encrypted devices and services with a warrant.

Report Highlights IP Protection and Enforcement in the EU

A report via the European Commission highlights the importance of protecting and enforcing intellectual property in the European Union.

How Women Make Engineering Great

On International Women in Engineering Day, our CTO Debra Danielson gives examples of female engineers who have made a profound impact and why diversity in engineering matters.