Ex-Worker Stole 'Crown Jewels' Before Leaving Company

In a criminal trial, prosecutors for the now defunct fitness tracking company Jawbone are alleging the ex-employee stole studies the company considered its “crown jewels" before joining Fitbit.

Insider Leaked 1.2K Patient Records for 20 Months

The employee accessed information, including names, addresses, and social security numbers, from Feb. 2017 to Oct. 2019.

Friday Five: 1/24 Edition

Job performance details of over 900 employees left exposed online, a new ransomware family targets Windows 10 users, and more - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

CISA Warns of Uptick in Emotet Malware

CISA is spreading new guidance to ensure admins can properly defend against Emotet malware attacks, which the agency claims are on the rise.

NIST Issues Version 1.0 of Privacy Framework

NIST released its inaugural Privacy Framework last week. The document can be used by organizations as a risk management tool, to answer questions about its privacy posture, or establish its own program.

Post-GDPR, 160,000 Data Breaches and Counting

A new report that aggregates post-GDPR data breach statistics in Europe suggests new, higher fines are to come in 2020.

New Bill Would Aid CCPA Compliance for HIPAA Business Associates

A new bill in California would amend the CCPA and further health data exemptions - namely data that's been de-identified in the eyes of HIPAA.

Friday Five: 1/17 Edition

The U.S. military fears OPSEC failures as more troops are deployed to the Middle East, an app exposes the sensitive data of babies, and a site helping Australian bushfire victims becomes a victim itself - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

Federal Health IT Plan Prioritizes Security, Privacy

The U.S. HHS released a draft of its federal health IT plan for 2020-2025 and health and privacy are top of mind.

Ex-Pharma Employees Arrested Following Data Theft in India

The employees allegedly stole confidential information belonging to the company, including batch production control records for drug manufacturing, according to reports.