DOJ Aims to Keep Companies Accountable with Cyber-Fraud Initiative

Companies that fail to follow required cybersecurity standards could soon be a target under the DOJ's new Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative.

Friday Five 10/15

Giving security keys to at risk users, a summit to stop ransomware, and financial losses from cyberattacks pile up - catch up on the infosec news of the week with the Friday Five!

2021 to Date Has Seen More Data Breaches Than 2020

We're poised to break records this year when it comes to statistics on breaches, ransomware, and phishing, according to a new report.

Microsoft Fends Off 2.4 Tbps DDoS Attack

The attack was reportedly 140 percent higher than a 1 Tbps attack it saw in 2020 and higher than any network volumetric event the company previously detected.

Friday Five 10/8

News on CISA's new system to attract cyber talent, an Apache zero day, and Microsoft on the lack of acceptance around MFA - catch up on the news of the week with the Friday Five!

Solving the Mid-Market Data Protection Challenge

Learn how Digital Guardian's Managed Security Program for Midsize Companies can help organizations improve their information security program, whatever the use case.

New Ransomware Bill Would Require Organizations Report Ransom Costs

A bill introduced this week would require companies to disclose ransomware attacks and how much they cost victims within 48 hours.

New Bill Would Empower ITC to Protect US IP Owners

If passed, a new bill would strengthen the International Trade Commission’s ability to fight back against trade secret misappropriation.

Friday Five 10/1

Android scam apps, how insider threats can cause damage, and combating SIM swap attacks - catch up on the week's infosec news with the Friday Five!

CISA Rolls Out New Insider Threat Risk Assessment Tool

The tool, which is intended for both public and private sector organizations, can help companies better assess their vulnerability to insider threats.