Mitigations Available for Latest Office Zero Day

There's no patch yet but Microsoft has released a workaround to mitigate the latest zero day, a vulnerability announced this week in WIndows 10 and Windows Server.

Friday Five 9/3

How not to get hacked, a $9 million ransomware attack, and the FTC cracks down on a spyware app - catch up on the infosec news of the week with the Friday Five!

WhatsApp Fined $267 Million for Breaching GDPR

The sum, the second highest GDPR fine to date, stems from a 2018 investigation into the company's data privacy practices.

Why Our Agent Integration with Microsoft Information Protection is Valuable for Enterprise Data Protection

Learn how Digital Guardian's integration with Microsoft Information Protection can help educate and enforce proper labeling and handling of data.

New DOJ Fellowship Program to Bridge Gap in Cyber Law Knowledge

The Justice Department announced a new Cyber Fellowship program for attorneys to develop skills to handle emerging national security threats like ransomware.

Friday Five 8/27

Tech companies pledge billions to bolster security, a ransomware group shuts down, and the top data breach culprits - catch up on the infosec news of the week with the Friday Five!

California Reminds Healthcare Orgs of Data Breach Reporting Obligations

Hospitals and healthcare providers in the state have been failing to report ransomware attacks that impact health data belonging to patients.

OnePercent Ransomware Group Has Hit US Companies Since November

The group, like other malicious campaigns of late, has been using Cobalt Strike to carry out ransomware attacks against companies.

ProxyShell Exchange Server Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild

CISA is urging organizations to patch the vulnerabilities in Exchange Server as soon as possible to prevent the spread ransomware and attackers who have been dropping web shells.

Friday Five 8/20

Exposed web cams, mistakes made when hiring cybersecurity roles, and a $1 million breach settlement - catch up on the week's infosec news with the Friday Five!