70 Percent of Healthcare Breach Data Could Lead to ID Theft

New research looks at 10 years of healthcare data breaches and breaks down the specific types of data exposed.

The Biggest Incidents in Cybersecurity (in the Past 10 Years) (Infographic)

Looking back at the last 10 years, what are the biggest and most notable incidents in cybersecurity history? We created an infographic that reflects on the decade and can educate users on how to prevent the next major incident.

Irish Data Protection Commission Disappointed With 2020 Budget

The data protection commission, one of the world's most vigilant, is disappointed in the government for its smaller-than-expected budget next year.

Draft Regulations for CCPA Released

The California Attorney General's Office finally released draft regulations around the CCPA last week, outlining the requirements of businesses and consumers

Friday Five: 10/11 Edition

News on a new military cyber alert system, Twitter mishandles user data, and what to do with data if there's a no-deal Brexit. Catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

IRS Employee Stole PII, Committed Fraud

The case illustrates that the government agency could be doing a better job safeguarding tax payer data.

Tech Industry Group Urges EU to Reconsider ePrivacy

A European tech organization is encouraging the European Commission to reconsider its proposal for ePrivacy Regulation, a proposal that's set to regulate cookie usage.

Breach at New Zealand Medical Center Could Impact One Million Patients

A cyber attack on the company's website in August prompted an investigation that uncovered additional attacks dating back to 2016.

Nevada's New Consumer Privacy Law Goes Into Effect

Nevada's new privacy law requires websites to post a privacy notice and allow consumers to opt out of the sale of their personal data.

Friday Five: 10/4 Edition

News on new vulnerabilities - both in the PDF format and a network protocol, and why fighting cyber crime is a focal point of the U.S. Secret Service.