Friday Five: 4/24

267 million Facebook profiles found being sold on the dark web, the virtual NFL draft raises cybersecurity concerns, and email phishing campaigns target US healthcare providers - catch up on the week's news with the Friday Five.

Apple to Patch iOS Mail Zero Day

Apple said this week that it will fix two vulnerabilities affecting iOS 6 through 13.4.1 that could let an attacker leak, modify, and delete user email.

FBI Details COVID-19 Phishing Attacks on Healthcare Industry

The FBI, which has been urging vigilance around COVID-19 themed phishing attacks, this week gave indicators of compromise and hashes to aid admins in the fight.

Does Improper Data Access Violate the CFAA?

It won't happen until October at the earliest but the Supreme Court said Monday it will review how the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is interpreted for the first time.

NYDFS Stresses Cybersecurity Awareness in COVID-19 Pandemic

In a reminder to regulated entities, the New York Department of Financial Services warned last week of a potential uptick in phishing, fraud, and third-party risk.

Friday Five: 4/17 Edition

San Francisco International Airport was hacked, Pentagon networks are at risk, and a TikTok hack circulates COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Catch up on the news of the week with the Friday Five!

Self Driving Car Startup Admits to Trade Secret Theft, Settles With Tesla

The startup acknowledged that former Tesla employees had possession of Tesla documents relating to shipping, receiving, and warehouse procedures despite leaving the company.

Adopting Accountability in Data Protection Post COVID-19

Can the gap between socially responsible collective action and privacy be bridged? A new report outlines a series of measures for the public and private sector to take in order to demonstrate accountability while delivering privacy protection in a pandemic.

Now That The SHIELD Act Is In Effect, Does Your Company Comply?

The data security requirements of New York's Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act, or SHIELD Act, went into effect last month.

SEC Settles With Two Traders Involved in 2016 Hack

Two of the illicit traders indicted in a 2016 hack of the SEC have agreed to settle and in turn, give back six figure sums of money they made with information stolen from a SEC system.