US Trade Commission Looking into 3D Imaging Trade Secret Theft

One firm claims another took its trade secrets and brought them to China to manufacture the product at a lower cost.

Banking Groups Push Back Against 24 Hour Breach Disclosure Bill

Recent plans to adjust federal rules around disclosing data breaches have drawn the ire of the banking community.

Yearlong Office 365 Phishing Campaign Skilled at Evasion

A new phishing campaign targeting Office 365 has used Morse code and other forms of obfuscation to side step detection for the last year.

Friday Five 8/13

SBOMs, the biggest cryptocurrency theft in history, and the push for a 72 hour data breach disclosure window - catch up on the week's infosec news with the Friday Five!

Progress Being Made Fortifying US Cyber Defenses

Nearly 75 percent of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission's federal recommendations have been implemented or are on track to being implemented.

White House Presses Agencies to Protect Critical Software

The countdown is on for federal agencies to identify and safeguard critical software. A new White House memo gives entities one year to incorporate new security measures.

Router Firmware Vulnerability Bypasses Authentication

A vulnerability found in some routers and modems could make the devices vulnerable to authentication bypass and in turn, allow attackers access to sensitive information.

Friday Five 8/6

An increase in supply chain attacks, RDP brute force attacks explained, and a hacked hotel room - catch up on the infosec news of the week with the Friday Five!

Enterprise Security Migration Done Right: Tips from Our CISO

Is your company planning on migrating to a new security solution? Do it the right way and avoid these pitfalls.

How Much Does a Data Breach Cost in 2021?

The cost of data breaches continues to rise; according to this annual report, the global shift to remote work is partly to blame.