NYDFS Issues Ransomware Prevention Guidance for Financial Services Firms

The NYDFS has issued guidance for financial services companies on how to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks - like having a capable endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) solution in place.

European Authorities Bust Phishing Ring

The group, which was based in Romania, reportedly conned online consumers out of $2 million.

Friday Five 7/9

Ransomware negotiators, cyber risks to the financial system, and why traditional passwords are here to stay - catch up on all of the week's infosec news with the Friday Five!

CEO, COO Indicted in Biotech IP Theft Case’s Latest Turn

Two executives reportedly used stolen intellectual property to build their company up to a nearly $1 billion valuation, the DOJ announced this week.

Changes to Nevada's Privacy Law Includes Requirements for Data Brokers

Recent changes to Nevada’s privacy law, effective October 1, 2021, give residents a broader right to opt out of sales and puts the onus on "data brokers" to respond to such requests.

What is GLBA Compliance? Understanding the Data Protection Requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 2021

Learn about what GLBA means for data protection and how to achieve GLBA compliance in Data Protection 101, our series on the fundamentals of information security.

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CISA Shares New Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool

The new security audit self-assessment tool is designed to help organizations better understand how well they're equipped to defend and recover from ransomware.

An Interview with Ben McGraw, Cybersecurity Manager at Digital Guardian Part II

In part two of our Q&A with Ben McGraw, we discuss how automation will change the industry, how to improve the cybersecurity skills gap, and who is Digital Guardian's best basketball player.

Data Protection Act of 2021 Would Create US Data Protection Agency

The proposed legislation would create an agency to enforce data protection rules and oversee high-risk data practices.