Introducing DG Wingman, a Free Forensics Tool

Learn about Digital Guardian's new forensic artifact collection tool, DG Wingman, how it came to be, along with powerful tips and tricks.

Friday Five: 8/2 Edition

A trio of breaches, the plight of IT budgets in the U.K., and hackers hitting school districts - catch up on the week's news with this roundup!

On Sharing Data While Maintaining Compliance in the U.K.

The U.K.'s data protection authority recently issued new draft guidelines to sharing data while maintaining compliance.

New Bill Aims to Better Secure U.S. IP, Supply Chain Security

The legislation, which cites a rash of Chinese IP theft, would develop a national strategy to prevent risks to U.S. tech.

New York Updates Data Breach Notification Law

The law, which updates data breach notification requirements in the state, was one of two forms of legislation signed last week to better protect New York residents against security breaches.

What's the Cost of a Data Breach in 2019?

The answer ultimately depends on the country and industry but in general, can span anywhere from $1.25 million to $8.19 million.

Friday Five: 7/26 Edition

News about a new phishing campaign targeting Office 365 admins, the FTC's big Facebook fine, and the latest data breach statistics are all covered in this week's Friday Five.

Dutch Data Protection Authority Issues First GDPR Fine

The fine, against a large hospital, stems from its apparent lack of internal patient record security.

Highlighting Data Protection Best Practices for IIoT Systems

As IIoT (Industrial IoT) systems continue to interact with enterprise systems and business processes, a new guide offers a set of best practices to securing them.

Government Contractor Gets Nine Years for Data Theft

The judge is hopeful the sentencing is enough to deter other government employees with security clearances from mishandling secrets.