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Secure Sensitive Data on Linux Machines with Digital Guardian

Linux – Quickly Gaining Market Share and Rapidly Increasing Risk of Data Loss

Linux adoption continues to soar, with the platform earning a reputation for high performance and reliability. Unfortunately, its success has made Linux a prime target for outside attackers and malicious insiders. And as Linux's security vulnerabilities have grown, security solutions have not kept pace. As a result, organizations using the Linux platform have limited visibility into active applications and user activities.


Fill the Linux Security Gap with Digital Guardian

With millions of active agents worldwide, Digital Guardian is the leading platform for advanced data protection. It proactively tags and classifies your most sensitive data and automatically enforces data protection policies based on context. Continuous monitoring, real-time prompts and alerts, and blocking of risky actions provide complete data visibility and control. And since it's software-based, you can install Digital Guardian on Linux servers and desktops with a small memory footprint.

Unmatched Security for Linux

Digital Guardian supports major distributions of Linux including Red Hat, Oracle Linux, and SUSE. It's the only data protection solution with:

Full visibility into Linux data movement

  • Monitors file movement at the origin using an advanced, noninvasive approach
  • Provides real-time visibility of all data movement and data transmission methods across online, offline, physical, and virtual environments, including email, cloud storage, removable media, print, and FTP

Effective data-loss risk management

  • Accelerates policy implementation based on data, user, and event context
  • Stops "known threats," such as source code transmission via USB
  • Exposes "unknown threats," such as synchronization of sensitive data to the cloud via Dropbox

Noninvasive, context-aware protection

  • Automatically blocks and controls only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization based on user, event, and data type
  • Minimizes risk without slowing the pace of your business

Key Features for Linux

Digital Guardian takes full advantage of kernel-level and user-mode visibility to deliver:

Broad security coverage

  • Monitors all file types, applications, and data movement
  • Applies protection policies based on user role and usage rights — even if users write their own custom script to manipulate data

Tamper-resistant protection — online or offline, on or off the corporate network

  • Ensures active protection at all times
  • Cannot be removed or tampered with
  • Can be made visible to or hidden from users

Privileged-user monitoring

  • Applies data protection policies equally to regular users and users with full local-administration (roots access) privileges — independent of the operating-system security model in place
  • Monitors user actions and controls access to sensitive data, even if administrators have unhindered access

Digital Guardian for Linux

Our Linux agents can be used for virtually any industry or policy enforcement requirements. 

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Digital Guardian Technical Overview

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