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Secure Virtual Desktop Environments with Digital Guardian

Are Your Virtual Environments Secure?

Desktop virtualization is a critical tool for enabling worker mobility and efficient usage of IT resources. The resulting convenience and efficiency, however, can create certain security challenges. Many organizations that rely on virtualization lack visibility into data interactions or privileged-user access. Without this visibility, it is difficult to implement policies or controls that address the real security threats facing your virtual environments.

Fill the Virtualization Security Gap with Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian agents support multi-session and multi-user policies in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments hosted on Citrix, VMware, and MS Hyper-V servers. Using these agents, you can audit and enforce policies in physical or virtual environments. And you can ensure data use and movement are managed appropriately for employees, third parties, and administrators.

Digital Guardian virtual agents continuously monitor and log all data interactions with evidentiary-quality forensics, inspect and tag sensitive data via automated rules or user input, enforce context-aware data access and control policies, and manage data egress across all data interactions.

Unmatched Protection for Virtual Environments

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution for VDI environments with:

Full visibility into data movement

  • Monitors file movement at the origin using an advanced non-invasive approach
  • Provides real-time visibility of all data movement and data transmission methods across online, offline, physical, and virtual environments, including email, cloud storage, removable media, print, and FTP

Effective data-loss risk management

  • Accelerates policy implementation based on data, user, and event context
  • Stops "known threats," such as source code transmission via USB
  • Exposes "unknown threats," such as synchronization of sensitive data to the cloud via Dropbox

Noninvasive, context-aware protection

  • Automatically blocks and controls only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization based on user, event, and data type
  • Minimizes risk witout slowing the pace of your business


Key Features for Virtual Environments

Digital Guardian takes full advantage of kernel-level and user-mode visibility to deliver:

Broad security coverage

  • Monitors all file types, applications, and data movement
  • Applies protection policies based on user role and usage rights — even if users write their own custom script to manipulate data

Tamper-resistant protection — online or offline, on or off the corporate network

  • Ensures active protection at all times
  • Cannot be removed or tampered with
  • Can be made visible to or hidden from users

Privileged-user monitoring

  • Applies data protection policies equally to regular users and users with full local-administration (roots access) privileges — independent of the operating-system security model in place
  • Monitors user actions and controls access to sensitive data, even if administrators have unhindered access


Six Reasons VDI + Data Protection Can Strengthen Your Security Posture

Read how the combination of VDI and Endpoint Security can enhance your organization's security defenses. 

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Digital Guardian for VDI

Digital Guardian enhances the native security features of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to include policy-based data access and controls.

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