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Get Clear, Actionable Reports to Identify and Control Insider and Outsider Threats

Too Much Raw Data and Not Enough Useful Information?

Too often, technology solutions provide an overwhelming amount of data in formats that are not meaningful to the executives and managers who need to act on it. In the world of data security, displaying data in useful and actionable report formats is even more critical due to the volume and variety of sensitive information we are charged with protecting.

Want to make accurate decisions about where data is most at risk, where new threats may exist, and what compensating controls are needed? First, you must quickly and confidently gather, aggregate, store, mine, and separate the useful information from all the rest.

Enterprise Reporting That Connects Users, Actions, Data, and Risks

Digital Guardian’s unique “contextual data event” enterprise reporting collects and aggregates results while connecting users, actions, data, and risks in a meaningful and actionable format.

Only Digital Guardian reporting delivers:

  • Aggregated, high-level views of sensitive data usage and flow across the extended enterprise
  • Drill-down capabilities that let users quickly move through large amounts of data, zeroing in on relevant information at the user, machine, or individual file level
  • Both summarized and detailed views of application usage
  • Custom query capabilities for detailed auditing across the enterprise
  • Automatically generated graphical analysis and history of all warnings and alerts
  • Trend analysis of risks and threats involving data usage
  • Advanced context-based analytics, including location and hierarchical visualization

Forensic Reporting and Case Management

Digital Guardian includes fully integrated case management and forensic capabilities that track data usage by users and groups for targeted investigation. All usage logs are stored as tamper-proof evidence (encrypted and digitally signed) for future validation. You can also generate drill-down reports based on application, file type, network, user action, classification, encryption status, and device type (desktop, laptop, terminal session).

Reporting Example

DG Network Agents Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian network agents provide visibility, analysis and control needed to detect and prevent data breaches.

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