Including the End User in Data Classification and Protection

Digital Guardian incorporates the full range of classification from fully automated to fully manual. User classification empowers data owners to self classify information based on business requirements.

Here's The Challenge

Given the growing volume of data that you need to protect, understanding it dramatically simplifies your job by enabling you to focus on the data that matters. Automated classification provides the foundation, but adding user input provides important additional context for the most accurate data visibility and organization.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian leverages data classification to accurately enforce data protection policies. Adding user based classification
powered by Boldon James augments the context and content based classification embedded in the Digital Guardian platform. This
combination of technology-based decision and user driven decision provides balance and ensures  polices are enforced on the
right data. Digital Guardian incorporates the classification into alerts, elevating the events targeting high value data driving
immediate or automated responses to the most serious threats.

About Boldon James

Boldon James are the market leaders in data classification and secure messaging software, delivering confidence when it comes to controlling and protecting sensitive data. By involving your users in data classification, they will automatically become more data-aware, with a greater understanding of your policies and the value of your organization’s data.