Microsoft MIP | Digital Guardian

Automatically extend DLP coverage with Digital Guardian and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)

Microsoft and Digital Guardian integrate to deliver data protection for the modern enterprise.

Here’s the Challenge

Sensitive data drives your business but managing and protecting it in the diverse IT environment common to most enterprise presents challenges. Compounding this is the data explosion and the increase in regulations security teams are held accountable for. Multiple point products lead to silos or gaps and many enterprise tools don’t deliver the security enterprises need to protect IP and regulated data.

Here’s the Solution

Digital Guardian integrates with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to deliver the enterprise data protection for today’s multi-OS, multi-browser, multi-app, and data rich organizations. Digital Guardian reads and understands MIP tags then can automatically update policies to simplify data protection programs. Digital Guardian and Microsoft combine to protect all your IP and regulated data.

Digital Guardian connects with the Microsoft Cloud to read and understand the MIP tags your organization has already created then maps those tags to Digital Guardian policy actions. With this mapping, policies can be automatically updated and pushed out enterprise wide to reduce the gap between policy creation and policy effectiveness.

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