Integrate and Automate Email Encryption with Digital Guardian and Zix

Digital Guardian and Zix have joined forces to provide powerful and accurate data loss prevention together with “secure, send to anyone” email encryption.

Here’s the Challenge

Email remains the top business communication tool and is the primary vector for data loss, either via users trying to steal sensitive information, or those unaware that their actions may be risky. Organizations need an integrated and automated way to detect sensitive information and apply security controls in real-time and without complexity.

Here’s the Solution

Digital Guardian inspects and classifies email as it is sent, if the message contains sensitive content, Zix encrypts email content and any attachments before sending. Zix automatically determines the most efficient way to securely deliver your email messages, encrypted email is delivered to anyone, anywhere and often transparently. When you send an encrypted email to another Zix customer, the message and replies are encrypted without any extra steps or hassle for both senders and recipients.

About Zix

"Email security is only as good as the people who use it. That’s why Zix provides effortless email security to businesses, a superior experience to their workforces, and guaranteed protection everywhere their employees go and on any device."