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Case Studies

Consolidated DLP and EDR for Internal and External Threats

The company started with Digital Guardian's Data Loss Protection, but also recognized the growing risk from outsiders using advanced techniques to gain a foothold in their environment, move laterally, and access confidential data. This led them to Digital Guardian’s unique Consolidated DLP and EDR offering.

Case Studies

Enabling Employees to Protect Sensitive Client Information

Digital Guardian allowed the company to identify and deter activity not in alignment with acceptable use policies.

Case Studies

Leveraging Data Discovery to Drive Data Security

This company’s evaluation pointed to Digital Guardian as the optimal solution to provide a clear picture of where sensitive data resided and how it was put in place to enforce proper use of the PII.

Case Studies

Identifying and Blocking a Rogue Employee on Day One

With Digital Guardian installed on over 65,000 workstations, the company was confident that the DLP managed service was protecting their intellectual property as well as their customers.

Case Studies

Gaining IP Visibility and Control Without Impacting Endpoint Performance

Digital Guardian’s MSP provided the support the company desired without the overhead of additional IT staff.

Case Studies

ANDRITZ Gains 24x7 Data Security Expertise While Reducing Overhead

The ANDRITZ GROUP uses Digital Guardian to track and control the use of their IP across more than 250 global offices.


Speak the Language of Business - The CISO’s Guide to a No-Pay MBA

Join Laurie Pickard, author of "No-Pay MBA" and Digital Guardian to learn how senior security professionals can use free online courses to further their education.


The Evolution of Data Protection with Dave Karp

As GDPR and other global regulations put a premium on data governance, organizations focus increasingly on the evolution of data loss prevention. Dave Karp of Digital Guardian outlines what this means at RSA Conference 2018.


2018 Verizon PHIDBR - Understand Your Cybersecurity Threats

Join Suzanne Widup, a senior analyst in Verizon’s Security Research Team, and Digital Guardian's Chris Leffel for an on demand webinar to see the key findings of the PHIDBR report.


Vendor Evaluation Toolkit: Managed Security Program for Data Loss Prevention

This toolkit contains a criteria template and a checklist to help identify what elements of a managed security solution you wish to start/continue to manage and what you wish to outsource to the vendor.


eBook: Verizon PHIDBR Action Plan

This eBook explains how Digital Guardian’s data protection platform and managed services can help healthcare organizations implement both the short term and long term recommendations in the Verizon PHIDBR.


Analyst Insights - Building An Efficient Data Security Program with Forrester Research

Join Joseph Blankenship from Forrester along with Digital Guardian to learn how to build an efficient data security program.