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Insiders vs. Outsiders: What's the Greater Cybersecurity Threat?

Our latest infographic tackles the age-old question in security: who poses the greater threat to sensitive data, insiders or outsiders?


The Anatomy of a CISO: A Breakdown of Today's Top Security Leaders

What does the typical Fortune 100 CISO look like? We researched the top security leaders at F100 companies to get a better idea – here’s what we found.


What Does the GDPR Mean for Global Data Protection?

GDPR enforcement starts in just over a year, bringing with it some key changes for enterprise data protection efforts around the world. Are you ready?


Oversharing: Your Biggest Security Risk Could Be You

Are your social media habits putting your private data - or your company's - at risk? Learn about the risks of oversharing and get tips for using social media securely in this infographic.


Integrating the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) with Digital Guardian Network DLP

This document is for Cisco and Digital Guardian engineers, partners and customers who want to integrate the Cisco® Web Security Appliance (WSA) with a Digital Guardian appliance.


Patient-Centric Data Protection: Real World Examples of Stopping PHI Theft with DLP

Read this eBook to get real world examples of stopping PHI theft with DLP.


How the Digital Guardian and Microsoft Partnership Simplifies Enterprise OS Upgrades

Watch Ken Levine, CEO, Mark Stevens SVP of Global Services and Tom Hamilton, SVP of Engineering highlight how the Digital Guardian and Microsoft partnership simplifies enterprise OS upgrades with tested and certified compatibility. Our relationship with Microsoft means we do the work so you can confidently update to the latest version of Windows on your schedule and stay ahead of threats to your business.


451 Research: A Data-Centric Approach to Endpoint Security

Watch this webinar to get tips from 451 Research analyst Eric Ogren on how to reduce complexity and risk on your endpoint.


Automate Email Encryption with Digital Guardian and Zix


Digital Guardian and Microsoft Partner to Secure Windows as a Service

Watch this video to learn how Digital Guardian and Microsoft achieve same day releases to drive application compatibility and enterprise security.

Analyst Reports

451 Research Paper: A Data-Centric Approach to Endpoint Security

Get this report to learn how to consolidate your security capabilities and improve security posture by taking a data-centric approach to endpoint security.


Data Classification to Get Ahead of Compliance

Watch this webinar to learn why data classification is foundational to data security and how to choose the right data classification method for you.