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Analyst Reports

Gartner Report: Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft Office 365

Read this report to determine if Microsoft’s built-in DLP capabilities provide enough protection or if an enterprise DLP platform is needed for more mature environments.


Digital Guardian for Ransomware Protection

Learn how our Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solution can help your organization detect and prevent ransomware in real-time.


Digital Guardian for Financial Services

Safeguard PII and PCI. Protect IP. Stop 3rd Party Infiltration. Learn how Digital Guardian can help secure financial firms.


Data Protection for Government Agencies

Learn how Digital Guardian protects against insider and outsider threats and provides user activity monitoring to defend every moment in the life of government data.


Digital Guardian Analytics & Reporting Cloud

Learn how the DG ARC provides the deepest visibility to power security analyst-approved dashboards and workspaces and enables data loss prevention and threat detection and response all in one console.


Digital Guardian User Activity Monitoring

Learn how our User Activity Monitoring offers complete user visibility and control regardless of what users are running, what they’re running it on, and whether or not they’re on the network.


Digital Guardian for Manufacturing

Learn how Digital Guardian provides threat aware data protection for manufacturing companies and prevents IP theft.


The Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention

All you need to know about DLP in one eBook.

Analyst Reports

IDC Report: A Practical Guide to GDPR

Read this report for a short introduction to GDPR, what technologies you should implement to meet compliance, and essential action items to kick off your compliance program.


Gartner on Understanding & Implementing Data Security in Office 365

Watch this webinar to learn what security is available from Microsoft, and to discover the highlight areas where and why 3rd party integrations can provide the additional security needed for your organization.


Digital Guardian Enables Secure Office 365

Adopting and integrating Office 365 into your business requires comprehensive data protection and visibility. Learn how Digital Guardian's platform can protect your data in Microsoft Office 365.

Analyst Reports

Forrester: Best Practices for Privacy and GDPR in Financial Services

Read this report to learn how FinServ firms balance stringent data privacy rules and the pressing demand to leverage customer data.