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Analyst Reports

IDC Report: A Practical Guide to GDPR

Read this report for a short introduction to GDPR, what technologies you should implement to meet compliance, and essential action items to kick off your compliance program.


Gartner on Understanding & Implementing Data Security in Office 365

Watch this webinar to learn what security is available from Microsoft, and to discover the highlight areas where and why 3rd party integrations can provide the additional security needed for your organization.


Digital Guardian Enables Secure Office 365

Adopting and integrating Office 365 into your business requires comprehensive data protection and visibility. Learn how Digital Guardian's platform can protect your data in Microsoft Office 365.

Analyst Reports

Forrester: Best Practices for Privacy and GDPR in Financial Services

Read this report to learn how FinServ firms balance stringent data privacy rules and the pressing demand to leverage customer data.


Solving the Top 5 GDPR Challenges

Watch this webinar to learn about the top 5 GDPR challenges and how to address them to ensure compliance by the May 2018 live-date.


Meeting Stringent HIPAA Regulations

Get this eBook to learn the important aspects of HIPAA and how a DLP solution can help healthcare organizations prevent hefty HIPAA violation fines.


Analyst Webinar: Forrester on 2017 DLP Trends and Tips on Choosing the Right Vendor

Watch this webinar with Forrester Research Security Analyst Heidi Shey as she reviews DLP use cases, trends, and tips for selecting the right vendor for your organization.

Case Studies

Securing New England Federal Credit Union member PII

With more than 88,000 members and $1 billion in assets, New England Federal Credit Union controls all egress channels with Digital Guardian DLP.

Case Studies

Keeping Customer Financial Data Safe

Global wholesale division that has presence in more than 15 countries protects customer data with Digital Guardian's Network DLP.


Digital Guardian Corporate Brochure

Digital Guardian's threat aware data protection platform safeguards your sensitive data from the risks posed by insider and outsider threats. By harnessing our deep data visibility, real-time analytics and flexible controls, you can stop malicous data theft and inadvertent data loss. Learn how we're reinventing Data Loss Prevention.


Selling Data Protection to the C-Suite

Watch this video to hear how to talk data protection across the C-suite.


Understand your Data to Better Protect your Business: Digital Guardian Data Classification

Data classification can help you define, prioritize, and protect your data. Watch this video to learn the top 3 methods to organize your data.