Insider Threat Protection Implementation

Cut your Insider Threat Risks with DG Professional Services

Digital Guardian is there at every Step Along the Data Security Chain

Digital Guardian Professional Services help you reduce your data security risks and get the most out of your Digital Guardian deployment. Our Insider Threat Protection Services support you at every step along the data security chain, from formulating your data protection strategy through deployment, ongoing policy refinement, continuous reporting, and risk-exposure analysis.

Our expert security team delivers comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment, design, and deployment services to help you build effective data-security solutions. Let our experts show you how to implement best practices for information protection and reduce threats to your sensitive data and critical information assets.

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Digital Guardian Professional Services: Support You Can Depend On

  • Gain access to experts: Get responsive support from professionals with 10+ years’ experience implementing mission-critical data security, risk, and compliance programs
  • Maximize your ROI: Get the most from your investment in Digital Guardian solutions with customized planning, reporting, and implementation, along with flexible training
  • Maintain security: Services delivered through Digital Guardian Secure Cloud remain private and secure at all times
  • Find solutions fast: Accurately identify and contain data leakage in real time

Digital Guardian Professional Services: We Deliver

  • Clearly defined security process and strategy tailored to your organization
  • Comprehensive data discovery, classification, and monitoring to identify where sensitive data is located, how it moves through the organization, and where it’s at risk
  • Forensic and incident response planning for faster, more effective threat detection and containment
  • Advanced reporting and analysis to identify potential risks
  • Security policy creation and implementation based on risk assessments and reports
  • Ongoing support, including program assessments and reviews, 24/7 service, and customized training

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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