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Outsider Attacks to Cost Energy Companies $1.87 Billion

Energy firms face ever-increasing risks from outsider attacks — and it's costing them. According to global insurer Willis, the cost of such attacks will reach US$ 1.87 billion annually by 2018. Now more than ever, energy and utility companies need a security strategy in place to:

  • Reinforce the data security of energy production and refinery sites
  • Safeguard confidential exploration and production plans
  • Protect private customer information
  • Extend data control to offshore operations and outsourcing partners

Protect Your Competitive Advantage with Digital Guardian

Leading energy producers and providers worldwide rely on Digital Guardian to help secure their intellectual property (IP) while still permitting authorized sharing among privileged users and partners. It's the only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Put a Proven Data Security Strategy in Place with Digital Guardian

Protect IP in all formats, including unstructured data

The majority of energy producers' most valuable IP is unstructured data, such as site locations, production plans, and proprietary technology. Other data protection solutions can't recognize or secure all that data. Only Digital Guardian protects data in all formats, both structured and unstructured.

Share data securely, inside and outside the organization

Digital Guardian lets your organization share data securely across the enterprise and with partners, contractors, and suppliers while also preventing unauthorized data access. Its data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN. And since all remote access is funneled through the corporate network, you can be sure your mobile workers are protected, too.

Cover all egress points

Digital Guardian monitors and reports on all egress channels, including email, media devices, and cloud storage. It prompts and blocks unauthorized sensitive data from leaving your organization — even if the data format has been changed or embedded in another document. And all sensitive data that is authorized for egress is encrypted before leaving your organization.

Achieve complete data security without slowing the pace of innovation

Digital Guardian automatically blocks and controls only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization. Our unique contextual awareness and noninvasive approach let you minimize risk without slowing down your business.

Maintain broad IP protection on a tight budget

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution available on premise and as a managed or hybrid service. Our managed service is ideal for energy companies with more IP than IT.

Comply with NERC and FERC reporting requirements

Digital Guardian provides a detailed audit trail to support you in demonstrating compliance with NERC CIP, FERC, and other regulatory requirements.

  • Mini Case Study: IP Protection and Collaboration at Major Natural Gas Producer

    For over a year, one of the largest natural gas producers in the United States had been allowing partners and contractors to connect to the corporate network via Citrix — without a comprehensive data security strategy. Prior to the deployment of Digital Guardian, their only recourse was to have an internal team attempt to customize each application that was published to Citrix for contractor use.

    As a result, key Citrix features were "locked down" to prevent the launch of ancillary network-capable applications such as web browsers. The lockdown process took hundreds of man hours per application, and each new application release required a new round of customization.

    Digital Guardian simplified and streamlined the process. It allowed the company to monitor and manage a shared Citrix server farm while also preventing outsourced contractors and privileged, but unauthorized, IT administrators from accessing sensitive data on a user-by-user basis.

  • Mini Case Study: IP Protection and Data Loss Incident Response at European Electric Company

    A leading European electricity generation company needed a solution to prevent unauthorized sharing of IP (accidental or malicious). At the same time, they wanted to ensure their IP was freely available to foster innovation among R&D personnel who were privileged users with no IT restrictions.

    The company deployed Digital Guardian to protect sensitive IP from being improperly accessed or transmitted through security consolidation. In doing so, they eliminated their mobile device point solution and reduced their security spend.

    Subsequently, the company used Digital Guardian's reporting and forensics in two high-profile court cases where senior-level R&D scientists were discovered attempting to extract nuclear power plant designs without proper authorization.


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