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Why Threat Aware Data Protection for Technology

According to Forrester, technology companies accounted for 68% of the total records breached in 2016. Technology companies are heavily targeted because they have large caches of personally identifiable information (PII), user credentials, patentable technologies and other IP. Compounding the problem, technology companies are witnessing an explosion in the amount of data they have to protect due to a surge in user analytics from smartphones, wearables and IoT devices. InfoSec teams at technology companies need a solution to discover, classify and control sensitive data flowing inside and outside their organization. This solution needs to scale as the company scales, and support innovation, without compromising security.

Key Challenges

Technology companies must protect their data from a range of threats:

Insider Threats

Data loss by current or former employees, whether by malice or mistake, via egress channels such as email, media, mobile and cloud storage.

Corporate Espionage

Competitors stealing source code or trade secrets for market advantage, monetary gain or revenge.

Third Party Leaks

Trusted supply chain partners, suppliers, contractors and outsourcers leak data via backdoor access points.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Foreign states aggressively target technology companies IP. Hacktivists, and organized crime steal data, to commit fraud, or damage a firm's stability or credibility.

How Digital Guardian Can Help



Digital Guardian with its deepest visibility into data, user and system events, can identify and tag sensitive data in real-time even before you develop formal policies. We accurately identify both structured and unstructured data – such as source code, technology patents, and business processes and personnel information.



Digital Guardian platform detects when data needs to be protected by harnessing real-time analytics into risky user behavior, unauthorized system access, data movement or process violations. It flags anomalous activity and provide high fidelity alerts that filter out the noise.



Digital Guardian employs flexible and automated controls to ensure that sensitive data does not leave your organization. Our context-based and behavior-based rules automatically prompt users or block only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization. This unique contextual awareness and noninvasive approach lets you minimize risk without slowing down your business.


Social Networks

• ­Login credentials

• Personnel Information such as pictures, profile data

Internet & Advanced Technology

• ­R&D data

• ­Customer contracts

• ­Source code

• ­­Patents


• ­Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• ­Source code

• ­­Login credentials

• Business process


• ­Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

• ­Privacy data

• ­R&D

• ­­Network design

• ­Patents

Case Studies

IP Protection at a Global Technology Conglomerate

A global technology conglomerate holds over $30 billion in IP and trade secrets. Employees include knowledge workers who span five continents and have varying data-sharing needs and user privileges. To keep IP secure, the company needed a massively scalable solution that enabled data sharing and collaboration throughout a globally distributed network.

The company deployed Digital Guardian on over 140,000 computers and 5,000 servers, and across its VDI environments. Our solution's policy-based controls were implemented for data usage and access. Prompting and blocking were used to restrict and record the movement of sensitive data to removable media, printers, emails, websites, and applications.

Data Protection on Mac OSX for a Leading Software Company

The Digital Guardian OS X agent helps technology companies permit Apple computers as an alternative to Windows PCs in the enterprise without sacrificing their data protection programs.

After selecting Digital Guardian as the information protection solution for Mac users, this software company saw a significant rise in their Apple Mac population. They used the increased visibility provided by Digital Guardian for OS X to monitor sensitive documents leaving the company through corporate email, network uploads (including uploads through the user’s personal email), and removable media.

Thanks to Digital Guardian’s contextually aware, non-invasive approach, they now have the ability to better understand and minimize the risk of data loss—without slowing the pace of business.

Managed Security Program Protecting 2+ Petabytes of Client Data for a Leading Digital Agency

The agency manages more than 2 petabytes of sensitive customer information including huge volumes of PII and PHI. The agency was under pressure from their clients to demonstrate that all this regulated data was secure. The security team realized they needed a data loss prevention solution, but getting additional IT headcount would be difficult, so the solution had to be available as a managed service

With Digital Guardian’s DLP service, the agency is now fully compliant with its clients’ data protection and privacy compliance needs. The firm can be completely transparent with their clients about how data is securely handled by all employees. Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Program allows the agency to prove its compliance without any dedicated staff or infrastructure.

5 Practical Tips to Protect Manufacturing Trade Secrets

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