Data Protection for Technology Companies

Safeguard IP. Control Information Sharing.


Enable Global Collaboration & Protect Your Competitive Advantage

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of today's technology companies. Now more than ever, technology companies must have a strategy and program in place to:

  • Safeguard innovations and IP from insider and state-sponsored threats.
  • Secure offshore operations and outsourced business processes.
  • Comply with export control regulations.
  • Control information sharing with partners, customers, and competitors.

Rely on Digital Guardian to Safeguard Your IP

Many of the world's most innovative technology brands rely on Digital Guardian to help protect their critical IP. Ours is the only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.

Put a Proven Data Security Strategy in Place with Digital Guardian

Protect IP in all formats, including CAD and source code

The most valuable IP for technology companies is unstructured data, such as CAD files, source code, and formulas. Other data protection solutions can't recognize or protect all that data. Only Digital Guardian protects structured and unstructured data.

Protect against outside attacks like advanced malware and APTs

Digital Guardian covers all stages of the cyber-attack kill-chain defense model. Its unparalleled visibility detects anomalous data activity — e.g. downloads and exfiltration — and provides controls for automated containment and blocking. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyber-attacks are stopped before any of your sensitive data is stolen.

Achieve complete data security without interrupting innovation

Digital Guardian automatically blocks and controls only those behaviors that pose a threat to your organization. This unique contextual awareness and noninvasive approach lets you minimize risk without slowing down your business.

Share data securely across your design network

Digital Guardian lets your organization share data securely across the enterprise and with partners, contractors, and suppliers while also preventing unauthorized data access. Its data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN, providing full data leak protection. And since all remote access is funneled through the corporate network, you can be sure your mobile workers are protected, too.

Maintain broad IP protection on a tight budget

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution available on premise and as a managed or hybrid service. Our managed service is ideal for technology companies with more IP than IT.

Comply with key regulatory requirements

Digital Guardian provides a detailed audit trail to support you in demonstrating compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and other regulatory requirements.

  • Mini Case Study: Export Administration Compliance at Multinational Semiconductor Company

    A U.S.-based chip manufacturer needed to comply with EAR controlling access to export-controlled chip components by foreign nationals. All chip designs were accessed through complex source control and CAD applications.

    The company had to make sure any policy applied to a foreign national would enforce the controls but not compromise the function of those applications. Digital Guardian provided user-level controls that identified foreign nationals and let them access the full compute farm — without breaking the applications — while also keeping export-controlled data off limits. Digital Guardian runs silently with zero impact on performance.

  • Mini Case Study: IP and Trade Secret Protection at Global Technology Conglomerate

    A leading global technology manufacturing conglomerate holds over $30 billion in IP and trade secrets. Employees include knowledge workers who span five continents and have varying data-sharing needs and user privileges. To keep IP secure, the company needed a massively scalable solution that enabled data sharing and collaboration throughout a globally distributed network.

    The company deployed Digital Guardian on over 140,000 computers and 5,000 servers, and across its VDI environments. Our solution's policy-based controls were implemented for data usage and access. Prompting and blocking were used to restrict and record the movement of sensitive data to removable media, printers, emails, websites, and applications.

  • Mini Case Study: Apple Mac Data Security at Leading Design Software Company

    After approving Digital Guardian as their information protection solution for Mac OS, a high-tech software manufacturer saw a significant rise in Apple devices among their users. The Digital Guardian Agent for OS X provided visibility into data movement, allowing for monitoring of sensitive documents that left the company through corporate email, removable media, and network uploads (including uploads through users' personal email).

    Digital Guardian's contextually aware, noninvasive approach has minimized risk without slowing the pace of business.

  • Mini Case Study: Protection of Highly Sensitive Data at Global Technology Company

    Digital Guardian protects highly sensitive IP for a $13 billion global technology company that needed to bring design labs online in China and India. With offices in four continents, this company utilizes Digital Guardian to provide sophisticated content analysis and multi-level classification in several languages.

    Our solution's scalable and flexible architecture helps a centralized and relatively small security team to effectively analyze and respond to potential policy violations across their global operations, particularly in regions that pose a high risk of IP theft. In addition, the manufacturer is realizing the economic advantages of research and production in these emerging markets with data-level visibility and risk-based controls that ensure their data won't be compromised.


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