Application Control

Protect Your Data from Risky Application Activity

New Applications Bring New Risks

Companies today are increasingly reliant on web-based, cloud-based, and third-party applications. These developments have blurred traditional organizational and network boundaries. It's tougher than ever to monitor and control the ever-growing range of data security threats without interfering with your business activities. 

Control Risky Apps Without Restricting Users

Digital Guardian automatically blocks and controls only those application behaviors and actions that pose a threat to your organization based on user, event, and data access type. This unique noninvasive, context-aware approach minimizes security risk without slowing the pace of your business. With Digital Guardian's black-, grey- and white-listing capabilities, you can quickly see which applications to trust and which ones to stop. As a result, you eliminate risks caused by malicious, illegal, and unauthorized software and network access. 

Application Control

Digital Guardian: Proactive Application Control

Ours is the only data protection solution with:

Full Application Visibility

  • Provides deep insight, continuous discovery, monitoring, and reporting for all applications in your business environment
  • Enables object-level visibility of application activity in real time

Context-Aware Application Control

  • Stops risky application activity on corporate networks, with policy- and context-based controls for alerting, prompting, and blocking unsafe user actions
  • Monitors all application activity, including application vendor, process, MD5, data class, and user type with the industry's most extensive context-aware agent

To-and-from Data Flow Control 

  • Ensures applications only have access to the data they require to run securely 
  • Prevents unauthorized transfer of sensitive data by applications or users
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