Email Control & Encryption

Secure Email Collaboration

Email is a Primary Vector for Data Loss

Employees can put sensitive data at risk by intentionally or inadvertently sending confidential information via email. Secure, encrypted email is the answer for regulatory compliance, a remote workforce, and project outsourcing. Achieving organization-wide cooperation and implementation for full data leak protection, however, can be an overwhelming task.

Empower Employees to Collaborate While Protecting Sensitive Data

Digital Guardian makes it easy for your employees to collaborate through email — and for your organization to manage data security risks. Our solution proactively tags and classifies sensitive data in emails or attachments. And when those emails are sent, it automatically warns, blocks, or encrypts sensitive information based on message content and context (user, data class, and recipient).

Email Control and Encryption

Your Answer for Email Control and Encryption

Ours is the only data protection solution that:

  • Provides policy-driven control over email, both fat clients and webmail, for message body and attached files — including blocking, justification, and automated encryption
  • Motivates users to change behavior and comply with corporate email policy
  • Uses automated key management to seamlessly and transparently encrypt and decrypt sensitive email messages, and protects email sent off-network with password-based encryption (AES-256)
  • Supports mobile, joint-venture, outsourced, and other partner-related work environments with WinZip password-based collaborative encryption
  • Applies email encryption only when needed

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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