Privileged User Control

The Privileged User/Data Protection Conundrum

Privileged Users Can be a Significant Risk

Privileged users hold a unique role within organizations. They have full access to sensitive applications and information on the condition that they abide by all corporate data governing policies. But this trust is very difficult to verify without the ability to monitor and control their activity independent of their IT privileges.

Many enterprises struggle with how to limit the risk of data misuse by privileged users without impeding critical business processes or stepping on toes.

Ensure Privileged Users Work Securely

Digital Guardian provides full visibility into privileged-user activity and applies automatic, content-aware and context-aware controls to assure usage meets data protection policies. As a result, privileged users can access the tools and information they need, but sensitive data remains in safe hands.

Privileged User Control

Digital Guardian: The Solution to Privileged-User Monitoring and Control

Ours is the only data protection solution that provides:

Context-aware privileged-user visibility

  • Controls, monitors, and records all data interactions based on context, including user, data class, event type, and application

Secure data-usage control

  • Allows you to create automated, policy-based controls over how privileged users interact with sensitive data

Data policy enforcement, regardless of IT privileges

  • Gives privileged users appropriate access to sensitive data and interactions while overriding IT privileges when controls are breached

Tamper-resistant security, on or off the network

  • Ensures active data protection at all times — on or off the corporate network — with hardened, tamper-resistant agents

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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Webinar: Why Data Classification Should Drive Your Security Strategy

Hear from Digital Guardian's Tony Themelis as he shares advice from his experience planning and integrating effective data classification programs.

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