Securing Point of Sale Systems

Block Malware on POS Systems

Point of Sale Systems – A Key Attack Vector

Protecting customer data on devices such as standalone kiosks, point of sale terminals and fixed function systems is paramount to maintaining customer trust and retaining their business. Attacks and data breaches are more common and increasing in sophistication. And traditional anti-virus solutions are unable to protect against targeted attacks, unknown malware and zero day attacks.

Digital Guardian’s application whitelisting strengthens your point of sale terminal’s security by blocking malware from landing or executing on your systems.

How Does Digital Guardian Application Whitelisting Protect POS Systems?

  • Blocks unknown and unauthorized executables on kiosks, POS terminals and fixed function devices
  • Prevents unauthorized changes to applications & executables
      - Additions, deletions or modifications
  • Lowers IT management costs
      - Eliminates system rebuilds caused by malware
      - Puts your IT department in control of what’s running on endpoints and servers

Why is Digital Guardian App Whitelisting the Industry’s Most Secure and Flexible?

  • Unique encrypted whitelist on each endpoint
      - Stored locally and protected from all access
      - Stops propagation of potential compromise to other endpoints
      - No single point of failure means stronger security (unlike centralized whitelist database solutions)
  • The industry’s only local client graphical user interface capable of running disconnected
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