Trusted Network Awareness

Secure Your Data from Insecure Networks

Securing Remote Access is a Challenge

Worker mobility is critical for many organizations today, yet securing network access for remote employees can be challenging. Insecure network connections are soft spots for data loss, data leaks, and malware infections. VPN is one solution, but organization-wide compliance with network policies can be difficult to achieve.

Prevent Insecure Data Transfer

Digital Guardian automatically tags sensitive data to prevent it from leaving the network. Secure transfer of sensitive data is ensured by prompting the user and blocking access until a secure VPN connection is established.

Trusted Network Access

Your Trusted Partner for Trusted Network Awareness

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution that:

  • Provides continuous visibility into all traffic and data events that take place on your network
  • Inspects network traffic for sensitive data, automatically classifies the data, and gives you flexible controls over data movement
  • Funnels all mobile connections through your corporate VPN before allowing access to sensitive corporate data
  • Prevents infected machines from connecting to your corporate network

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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Digital Guardian is a Leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Loss Prevention. Read the report to understand how DLP solutions have evolved to provide advanced data protection.

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