Web Apps & Cloud Storage Control

Enable Secure Use of Web Applications & Cloud Storage

Web and Cloud Applications Increase Your Security Risks

Organizations rely on web and cloud applications for communication, collaboration, storage, and more. But these applications can be channels for data loss or malware. It's critical for organizations to secure web application usage to protect sensitive data without hindering business processes.

Get Complete Data Visibility and Control

Digital Guardian provides complete data visibility and policy-based control for files moving to and from web applications. This ensures only authorized data leaves your company and infected files aren't downloaded. Any data downloaded from a web application is automatically classified so that it receives the appropriate level of security controls.

Web Apps and Cloud Storage Control

Unmatched Security for Web Applications and Cloud Storage

Digital Guardian is the only data protection solution that:

  • Provides continuous monitoring and visibility for all data interactions with web and cloud storage applications
  • Gives you granular file movement control based on browser and OS events involving web applications such as SharePoint, Dropbox, and Gmail
  • Automatically classifies data extracted from web applications
  • Delivers forensic event logs for more effective alerting, reporting, and policy creation
  • Automatically encrypts sensitive data prior to egress

Digital Guardian Technical Overview

Learn how Digital Guardian’s advanced technology works to secure your sensitive data regardless of the threat.

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Digital Guardian Data Visibility & Control

Learn how you can get out-of-the-box data visibility and device control 

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