Symantec Endpoint Protection Alternative

A More Advanced Solution, Digital Guardian Is a Smart Alternative to Symantec

Billions of dollars are at stake for companies that distribute their vast amounts of data to their employees, partners, clients, and others with whom they do business. As mobile apps, personal devices, and the cloud become the go-to tools for employees, data is shared at rates never before seen. This also means that data is at risk as never before because it so often travels or resides outside of the corporate network, in ways that IT professionals could not have imagined even five years ago.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) report analyzes the enterprise content-aware DLP market and compares key vendors within. The report also examines how hardening endpoints is the key to protecting data from threats posed by both insiders and outsiders. Digital Guardian is identified as a leader within the content aware data loss prevention market and is a smart Symantec Endpoint Protection alternative.

Digital Guardian Stands Out Among Symantec Endpoint Protection Competitors

Digital Guardian rises above its competitors to meet Gartner’s requirements for enterprise DLP. In meeting these requirements, Digital Guardian can:

  • Detect sensitive data in network traffic, at rest, and on the endpoint
  • Support a sophisticated, centralized policy and event management console
  • Detect sensitive data using partial and exact document matching
  • Detect sensitive data using extended regular expression matching
  • Detect sensitive data in structured and unstructured formats using registered or described data definitions
  • Detect sensitive data using conceptual and lexicon analysis
  • Detect sensitive data using contextual factors (source, destination, application, user, file type, etc)
  • Block, at minimum, policy violations that occur via email communication

The Only Symantec Endpoint Protection Alternative Offering Unprecedented Endpoint Visibility and Control

Symantec Endpoint Protection software provides some endpoint protection benefits, but Digital Guardian is the only patented data protection platform that is trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats. Proven to run silently for the world’s top IP holders, Digital Guardian’s solution has zero impact on even the most performance-sensitive devices. Here’s why Digital Guardian is truly the most advanced endpoint agent.

Digital Guardian offers unprecedented data visibility and control at the endpoint.

Symantec Endpoint Protection simply controls file access by monitoring application behavior. Digital Guardian automatically detects and classifies sensitive files based on both content and context. Building on its advanced discovery and classification abilities, Digital Guardian also provides a full range of policy-based data controls and real-time monitoring and reporting on data activity. For instance, when a user attempts to send a sensitive file to a personal email address, Digital Guardian sees the activity, recognizes the file’s classification, and protects the data by blocking the file transmission.

Digital Guardian begins to protect your data as soon as you install it.

Symantec Endpoint Protection and other competitors require initial configuration and, at times, administrators using these software solutions have to remotely scan infected endpoints. With Digital Guardian, you don’t have to spend weeks or months identifying and classifying sensitive data before the system protects it. Digital Guardian proactively tags and classifies your most sensitive data to prevent it from unauthorized access or transmission.

Digital Guardian provides effective, real-time control.

Symantec Endpoint Protection acts as more of an antivirus and firewall solution, blocking threats while they travel through the network. Digital Guardian is aware of data, users, and events, monitoring all file movement using a non-invasive approach that gives security teams real-time visibility into all data movement and data transmission methods, online and offline, on or off the corporate network. Digital Guardian also automatically prompts or blocks risky activity and then logs and audits the event for forensic follow-up.

Digital Guardian offers the industry’s broadest application coverage among Symantec Endpoint Protection competitors.

Offering the industry’s broadest application coverage, Digital Guardian recognizes both structured and unstructured data across multiple systems. What does this mean for your organization? With Digital Guardian, you’ll have complete data visibility and control no matter what your employees run, what they run it on, or from where they run it.

Digital Guardian won’t slow the pace of your business.

Symantec Endpoint Protection software gets caught up in scanning and requires agents to run at levels that consume high bandwidth. Digital Guardian automatically identifies, blocks, and controls behaviors that pose threats to your organization based on:

  • Users
  • Events
  • Data types
  • Application types
  • Sources
  • Destinations

Digital Guardian’s advanced contextual awareness and noninvasive methods minimize risk without affecting your performance or speed, offering the most streamlined endpoint protection alternative to Symantec Endpoint Protection software available.

Digital Guardian offers complete data protection options.

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers limited deployment options and services. Digital Guardian offers an on-premise platform, managed security services, or a hybrid model to best fit your business. Digital Guardian’s cloud-based managed services act as an extension of your team committed to managing all of your policies enterprise-wide.

Need more information about our Symantec Endpoint Protection alternative? Check out Digital Guardian webinars and case studies. Then, take advantage of a Digital Guardian free trial.