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By Dennis Fisher on July 20, 2016

For many years, the web browser has been the most dangerous piece of software on a computer. They have blindly trusted the content served to them by virtually any site, allowed users to be hit by all manner of malware and drive-by downloads and generally been that friend you don’t want to follow down a sketchy side street.

By Shiva Kashalkar on July 19, 2016

Organizations can choose to work with an MSSP for several reasons, such as security talent shortages, restricted IT budgets, the complexity of staying on top of sophisticated threats and a bewildering number of technology choices. Part 9 of our Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention series provides 5 criteria for selecting the right MSSP for your business.

By Tim Bandos on July 12, 2016

The Advanced Threat & Analysis Center (ATAC) team here at Digital Guardian are on high alert for any suspicious activity that is generated from our customer environments through our Managed Service offering. Most times we’ll detect external cyber-attacks and/or intrusions, however recently we came across a rather interesting finding that was almost too good not too share with our readers.


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