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Data Visibility

Digital Guardian enables you to immediately understand where sensitive data is located, how it flows inside the organization and when it is at risk – all before formal policies are created. 

Here's The Challenge

How can you protect what you can’t see? Laptops, servers, network shares, databases, cloud storage, USB drives. Your sensitive or regulated data can live in any of these places, and your business most likely has information in all of them. The trend towards digitization means more information, and more sensitive information, exists in a host of locations. How do you track its movement? How do you protect it? How do you find it?

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian delivers the broadest and deepest data visibility for information security professionals. Regardless of where the data resides, endpoints, shares, databases, or in the cloud, Digital Guardian can locate and track the movement of your sensitive data. Our agent provides complete visibility to all hardware, software, data creation, data storage and data movement. Our appliance analyzes databases, cloud storage and watches data in motion.

Solution Benefits

Only Digital Guardian Gives You System, User AND Data Event Visibility

Digital Guardian sees and correlates system events, user events and data events. Each of these three event types deliver valuable information, but the combination of the three gives context to data movement. This context is key to protecting sensitive data from all threats, internal or external.

Sees Across the Organization and in the Cloud

Digital Guardian sees the most events in your organization. Our agents inspect activity on Windows, Linux and Macs workstations, our appliance sees network traffic including email, web and cloud uploads. We report back the full picture of your data movement.

Identifies Sensitive Data – Immediately

Install DG and you will instantly see classification and tagging of your PII, PHI and PCI data through automatic inspection. 

Defends Against Zero Day Malware

Digital Guardian dynamically recognizes threatening malware behavior without signatures to prevent external attacks on your data.

We Can Prove It

Data Visibility, IP Protection, and Reduced IT Complexity

A global pharmaceutical company recognized it needed better visibility into how R&D scientists handled sensitive IP. Digital Guardian delivered visibility of all sensitive data throughout the organization – without impacting their scientists' productivity.


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