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IP Protection

Digital Guardian DLP stops the loss or theft of trade secrets and other IP in both structured and unstructured forms. Digital Guardian finds, classifies, and protects IP better than any other DLP solution.

Here's The Challenge

Intellectual property is hard to create and define, and even harder to protect from theft or external disclosure. Software source code, CAD files, even detailed investment models are critical to delivering value to customers, but IP is often unstructured data that most DLP solutions aren’t very good at protecting or even recognizing.

Here's The Solution

Digital Guardian delivers the industry’s most complete IP protection; it’s why we are once again ranked #1 for IP protection by Gartner. Powerful data classification capabilities allow businesses to define IP on their terms and apply security controls to keep it safe before it leaves.

Solution Benefits

Protects all Types of Intellectual Property

Digital Guardian finds, classifies, and protects IP in both structured or unstructured forms. Our solution provides many more contextual data points than other DLP solutions to identify and protect IP that others miss.

Enables Secure Global Collaboration

By permitting sensitive data to move outside the organization securely, Digital Guardian enables global business networks. Securely sharing CAD files with regional manufacturers ensures the highest quality products get to customers in a timely manner.

Supports Role-Based Data Access for more Flexibility

Digital Guardian can selectively allow access to documents, or even parts of documents based on roles within the company. Organizations can allow full access to those who need to know, while limiting access to those who don’t.

We Can Prove It

Stopping IP Theft from Happening Again

A Global 100 technology conglomerate suffered a loss of critical IP but had no ability to prove who took it. They deployed Digital Guardian and now have visibility into where IP lives and how it’s used. No major IP theft has occurred since Digital Guardian.


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