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Digital Guardian Podcast Episode 15: Talking Data Breaches and Getting Pwned with Troy Hunt

Creator of Have I Been Pwned? Troy Hunt joins our latest podcast this Halloween to discuss his data breach search service, best practices for handling breaches and more!

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Digital Guardian Podcast! Special Guest Troy Hunt and our hosts Will Gragido and Thomas Fischer talk about Have I Been Pwned? and data breaches. As always, you can listen and subscribe to our podcast via SoundCloud or iTunes to keep up with new episodes every month.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • 2:16 - How Have I Been Pwned? started
  • 8:55 - How Troy Hunt gets breached data and how he verifies its validity
  • 14:15 - What the biggest challenge in the InfoSec industry is
  • 20:43 - Thoughts on if and how GDPR will change global data protection
  • 30:31 - Best practices for handling data breaches

Intro/outro music: "Groovy Baby" by Jason Shaw, licensed under CC BY 3.0 US

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