Infographic: Looking Back at the 2014 Security Change Agents

A visual recap of our 2014 Security Change Agents, chosen by 25 information security experts.

Earlier this Fall we unveiled the 2014 Security Change Agents, our list of the top influencers and catalysts for change in the information security industry. This year's Security Change Agents were nominated by a diverse group of infosec experts spanning every nearly every facet of security - among them are Richard Stiennon, Chris Wysopal, Dan Geer, Jesper Jurcenoks, Jon Oltsik, Mike Rothman, and more. Their selections are even more varied, from infosec pioneers like Phil Zimmermann and James P. Anderson to modern day thought leaders such as Bruce Schneier and Mudge and everywhere in between - we even got a nomination for the Code Red and Nimda computer worms.

We've rounded up the 2014 Security Change Agents into this infographic to give an at-a-glance look back at the honorees. For an in-depth look at individual honorees, visit the Security Change Agents page for writeups and videos from the nominators themselves.

2014 Security Change Agents

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Nate Lord

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