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More Than Mean Tweets: Protecting Against Cyberbullying and Cyber Harassment [INFOGRAPHIC]

To celebrate NCSAM and promote online safety, we created an infographic on one of today’s most prevalent issues: online harassment.

The rise of social media and "always-on connectivity" has broadened the scope of online harassment. Harassers can be anonymous and reach you 24/7, posting messages and photos that are difficult to erase. Whether in the form of cyberbullying among teens and children, or cyber harassment among adults, online harassment comes in many different forms and can lead to detrimental effects, both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, there are ways that we can protect ourselves, our children, and others from cyberbullying and cyber harassment. There are best practices for online safety, common signs to recognize if someone is being bullied or harassed, and actions we can take to respond to and report bullies or harassers.

To learn more about the different forms of online harassment and how to protect yourself and others, check out our infographic below!

More Than Mean Tweets: Protecting Against Cyberbullying and Cyber Harassments Infographic

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