If You Want an Apple Password, Just Ask Nicely

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re likely well acquainted with the system dialog boxes that iOS spits out on a regular basis, asking for our Apple ID password. It happens on a fairly regular basis, when you’re installing new apps or iOS updates or when you’ve been signed out for some reason.

Off to College? First Task: Protect Your Data

Every day, colleges in the U.S. give away or sell all manner of personal information on students under the guise of student “directory information.” The first job of students and parents when arriving on campus should be to opt out of the sharing and protect their data.

Premature Attribution

Technology in general and information security specifically have changed so dramatically in the past 10 years that it’s difficult to even remember how things were a decade ago. Nearly everything has shifted and evolved, but one of the few things that’s remained the same is the minefield of attribution.