Cloud Data Protection

Protect and Audit Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Cloud Data Protection

Visibility and Protection of your Growing Cloud Data


Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection allows your organization to adopt cloud storage while maintaining the visibility and control you need to comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection integrates with leading cloud storage providers such as Accellion, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte, and Microsoft to scan file servers, enabling encryption, removal, or other remediation of sensitive data before the file is shared in the cloud. Data that is already stored in the cloud can be scanned and audited at any time. User data being placed in cloud storage is scanned in real-time to enforce policies before data leaves your control.

Key Benefits:

  • Enable Cloud Storage Security and Compliance
    • DG for Cloud Data Security provides insight, and control into data as it moves to the cloud allowing your organization to support and secure this increasingly important data storage resource.
  • Deliver Visibility into Cloud Data
    • DG for Cloud allows administrators to see where data is moving to cloud storage and what, if any, sensitive and regulated data is being moved there, then take immediate and proactive steps, such as automated encryption or quarantining or sensitive documents to ensure compliance.
  • Industry leading accuracy
    • Our unique Database Record MatchingTM (DBRMTM) uses mathematical hashes of the actual data to look for matches when inspecting outbound traffic.
    • DBRM recognizes and registers a wide variety of both structured and unstructured data eliminating false positives and false negatives.
  • Flexible, tailored responses
    • Configurable responses to policy violation allow administrators range from simply logging activity, up through blocking.
    • Real-time prompts to end user allow for education at the time of an event, reinforcing approved behaviors.
  • Auditing, Remediation, Logging
    • Data in the cloud needs to be audited on a regular basis, either for compliance audits or for internal data policies.
    • DG for Cloud Data Protection delivers the visibility to find sensitive data in the cloud, and if needed take immediate and automated responses to bring the organization back into compliance .
    • Detailed logging and reporting of activities allows for analysis of trends and events to modify data protection programs as needed.

Why Digital Guardian for Cloud Data Protection



Digital Guardian for Cloud Data Protection delivers the data protection needed to support compliance efforts for your sensitive, and regulated data up in the cloud. Pre-configured policies for PII, PHI, and PCI, along with the flexibility to create customer policies with our wizard ensure you protect what matters most to your organization and compliance needs.


Cloud Protection That's Transparent to End Users

Once your organization’s data sharing policies are entered into our system, users who follow the prescribed security policies won’t even know Cloud Data Protection is there. When corporate policies are violated, the user will be notified of the violation and the automatic remediation taken.


Broad Coverage for your Data Protection Needs

Digital Guardian delivers data protection anytime, anywhere. Our coverage spans data on the endpoint, including laptops, desktops, and servers, on the network, to and in the cloud, and in storage. This end to end, and integrated, coverage delivers the protection you need in a simplified architecture to speed deployments and simplify ongoing operations.


A Deep History of Data Protection

Digital Guardian knows data, we’ve been protecting it for over a decade. We bring this deep expertise to our customers across a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing and others all across the globe. We can support your organization as you develop your compliance programs and help you achieve comprehensive intellectual property protection.


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