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Analyst Reports

2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

The 2017 Magic Quadrant summarizes Gartner's analysis of the data loss prevention market and compares the positions of leading vendors. Read the report now and learn what makes Digital Guardian a DLP leader.

Analyst Reports

TAG Cyber Report: 2017 Security Annual - Vol. 1

This report provides CISO team members with detailed technical and architectural guidance based on fifty specific controls that support the reduction of cyber risk.

Analyst Reports

451 Research: The Data Loss Prevention Market by the Numbers

Learn why “DLP is back in vogue again” with 451 predicting the market growing to $1.7B by 2019. Read the report to learn why compliance isn't the only driver of DLP demand anymore and where the DLP market is going.

Analyst Reports

Forrester Market Overview: Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Get the latest market overview from Forrester that evaluates various flavors and vendors of cloud data protection (CDP) solutions, including Digital Guardian.

Analyst Reports

Forrester Brief: Endpoint Security Innovation Is Intensifying

In this brief, Forrester examines the current innovations in the endpoint security market and includes specific recommendations on how to navigate the vendor landscape and select the right partner that is most appropriate for your cybersecurity needs, including Digital Guardian.

Analyst Reports

451 Research Impact Report: DLP vendor Digital Guardian adds external threat protection and drops the 'L' word

451 Research senior security analysts Garrett Bekker and Adrian Sanabria provide the 451 take on the launch of Digital Guardian’s new Endpoint Security Platform, version 7.0, which includes a product overview, corporate profile and a competitive analysis.

Analyst Reports

From NO to KNOW: The secure use of cloud-based services

Quocirca's research report examines the current attitudes among UK businesses as it relates to adopting cloud-based services. These include on-tap infrastructure, support for live-in-the-cloud business processes and the outsourcing of utility applications to third party specialists. For many organizations, the use cases are now overwhelming and the choice is not whether to accept cloud-based services, but how well prepared they are for their use.

Analyst Reports

Weak Links: Strengthening the Information Supply Chain

Information supply chains are becoming more complex as organizations make increasing use of online interaction to support business processes. The choice is not whether to share data with others, but how securely this is done. Priorities vary depending on the types of data being shared and this includes the choices made in the supporting security capabilities. Read Quocirca’s report to learn more about the current security posture companies have in the UK for their information supply chain and the steps they’re taking to secure them.

Analyst Reports

Room for Improvement: Building Confidence in Data Security

Quocirca's latest research report examines the current lack of confidence UK business have in their data security measures and demonstrates the value of user training, advanced data protection technology, and incident response for addressing this issue.