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Case Studies

Export Control Compliance, Improved Productivity and $4 Million Annual Cost Savings

A seminconductor manufacturer was able to run their operations more efficiently while meeting ITAR compliance. 

Case Studies

Contextual Classification, Data Protection, and PCI-DSS Compliance

Learn how a multinational bank was able to achieve data protection and PCI-DSS compliance using Digital Guardian. 

Case Studies

Defending Formula 1 R&D Data

A luxury car manufacturer was able to protect highly valuable IP using Digital Guardian's advanced forensics and incident response capabilities. 

Case Studies

Data Visibility, Secure Remote Connections, and Increased Compliance Policy Awareness

Learn how a healthcare organization used Digital Guardian to secure sensitive data traveling with users and change employee behavior when interacting with sensitive data.  

Case Studies

Open Access, Business Enablement, and Data Protection

Learn how a global financial services giant used Digital Guardian to maintain its culture of “open access” to data while dramatically improving security of critical data. 

Case Studies

IP Protection, Secure Partner Collaboration and $4 Million in Cost Savings

A major natural gas producer was able to secure valuable data shared with its partner ecosystem, and realize over $4 million in cost savings by using Digital Guardian.