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KLAS Findings on Healthcare DLP Strategies

Watch this webinar with KLAS cybersecurity research director Garrett Hall to learn more about specific DLP strategies in healthcare.


Forrester Research on Top Trends & Threats for 2018

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship as he uses a combination of extensive research and industry experience to predict where the cybersecurity landscape is headed.


451 Research: A Data-Centric Approach to Endpoint Security

Watch this webinar to get tips from 451 Research analyst Eric Ogren on how to reduce complexity and risk on your endpoint.


Data Classification to Get Ahead of Compliance

Watch this webinar to learn why data classification is foundational to data security and how to choose the right data classification method for you.


The Real World of Cyber Threat Hunting

Download our webinar with our Senior Director of Cyber Security Tim Bandos to learn about common threat hunting use cases so you can better protect your organization.


Stopping PHI Theft with DLP - Real World Scenarios

Get case studies on PHI egress and learn how to provide patient-centric data protection with our healthcare data protection expert, Chris Leffel.


After WannaCry: Getting Ahead of Ransomware

Join Incident Response and Cyber Threat Hunting Expert Tim Bandos to learn how you can limit your company's exposure to ransomware attacks.

Endpoint DLP

Balancing Privacy, Compliance, and Digitization: Lessons from Global Financial Firms

Join Forrester's Enza Iannopollo to learn how global financial firms are preparing for GDPR, while trying to find the balance between privacy, compliance, and digitization.


A Practical Approach to GDPR: Featuring IDC's Duncan Brown

Join IDC Associate Vice President Duncan Brown as he explains the practical steps security professionals can take to achieve GDPR compliance by the deadline.


Gartner on Understanding & Implementing Data Security in Office 365

Watch this webinar to learn what security is available from Microsoft, and to discover the highlight areas where and why 3rd party integrations can provide the additional security needed for your organization.


Solving the Top 5 GDPR Challenges

Watch this webinar to learn about the top 5 GDPR challenges and how to address them to ensure compliance by the May 2018 live-date.


Analyst Webinar: Forrester on 2017 DLP Trends and Tips on Choosing the Right Vendor

Watch this webinar with Forrester Research Security Analyst Heidi Shey as she reviews DLP use cases, trends, and tips for selecting the right vendor for your organization.