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After WannaCry: Getting Ahead of Ransomware

Join Incident Response and Cyber Threat Hunting Expert Tim Bandos to learn how you can limit your company's exposure to ransomware attacks.

Endpoint DLP

Gartner on Understanding & Implementing Data Security in Office 365

Watch this webinar to learn what security is available from Microsoft, and to discover the highlight areas where and why 3rd party integrations can provide the additional security needed for your organization.


Solving the Top 5 GDPR Challenges

Watch this webinar to learn about the top 5 GDPR challenges and how to address them to ensure compliance by the May 2018 live-date.


Analyst Webinar: Forrester on 2017 DLP Trends and Tips on Choosing the Right Vendor

Watch this webinar with Forrester Research Security Analyst Heidi Shey as she reviews DLP use cases, trends, and tips for selecting the right vendor for your organization.


Analyst Webinar: Gartner on the 2016 Enterprise DLP Magic Quadrant

Join Brian Reed of lead analyst firm Gartner as he reviews the latest research from the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


Why Data Classification Should Drive Your Security Strategy

Watch this webinar to hear from Tony Themelis of Digital Guardian as he shares advice from his experience planning and integrating effective data classification programs. From compliance focused to intellectual property focused, Tony has helped to find, classify, and protect data.


Forrester Insight - Identifying and Stopping the Insider Threat

Join Forrester Senior Analyst Joseph Blankenship as he examines the insider threat landscape and provides you with a plan to find and act upon these inside threats before they become external breaches.


Bloor - How GDPR Will Reshape Global Data Protection

Join Fran Howarth from Bloor along with Digital Guardian's Marcus Brown as we discuss how GDPR will impact EU businesses, British businesses, and the global business community as well as how you can take steps to prepare.


Preparing for a (Data) Disaster

DG partnered with Agility Recovery in this webinar to help you learn how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a security incident.


451 Research: Data Classification for Better Data Protection

Garrett Bekker, Senior Security Analyst from 451 Research, discusses why data classification is foundational for security today and how to pragmatically execute data classification in your organization.


2 Key Questions to Drive Your Data Protection Strategy

In this 30 minute webinar, William Bradley, Director of Product Marketing at Digital Guardian, goes over 2 questions to guide your data protection program in a world of BYOD and cloud computing.


Getting Successful with DLP: A Framework for Rapid DLP Deployment

In this webinar, Rebecca Williams, Delivery Manager for Managed Services at Digital Guardian, covers how a proven, insight-driven framework can make DLP deployments successful and quick with the help of a managed service provider.