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Digital Guardian unifies DLP and MDR, enabling you and your teams to consolidate and simplify your security program.

Here's The Challenge

These days, organizations face an onslaught of threats to their most important data - both from the inside and the outside.

As a result, your teams are investing in more solutions than they need. And the solutions are so complex, it takes a ton of analysts just to make sense of them all.

This drives up costs and makes it harder to effectively manage risk.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian is the first and only security solution to unify DLP and MDR to detect, prioritize, respond and remediate all threats. This is all done with one agent and one console, allowing you to consolidate and simplify your security program.

Solution Benefits


By converging DLP and endpoint detection and response, your teams have one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor. This convergence reduces cost and complexity, and ultimately reducing risk.


Make all of yours teams - InfoSec analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters - much more efficient by providing them with the deepest visibility and context needed to identify and respond to the real threats.


Our powerful data visualization makes it much easier to create reports that enable you to effectively communicate risks to other executives and the board.

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