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Digital Guardian for HIPAA compliance combines data discovery, data classification and data loss prevention.  Locate and protect sensitive patient data in use, in transit, and in storage throughout the integrated delivery network, all with low overhead.

Here's the Challenge

Healthcare has the unenviable task of balancing protection of large amounts of personal and medical data with the need for quick access and easy movement by and to care providers, insurers, partners and other affiliates. Recent ransomware attacks targeting hospitals demonstrate new controls are needed to protect healthcare operations.

Here's the Solution

Digital Guardian’s industry-leading DLP offers network-based appliances that combine data discovery, data classification and data loss prevention in one powerful, easy-to-manage solution. We can automatically identify HIPAA regulated data, which we can then protect in use, in transit and in storage. Our agent based DLP delivers the deepest visibility to understand and protect your unstructured data.

Solution Benefits

Effective HIPAA Compliance with Low Overhead

Digital Guardian’s powerful appliances are designed for quick installation and simplified management. Configuration wizards quickly guide you through setup. Once deployed, our database record matching fingerprinting technology for identifying and controlling sensitive health data is the industry’s most accurate, resulting in the lowest false positives.

Deepest Visibility Across Your Enterprise and the Cloud

Digital Guardian enables you to effectively discover, monitor and control sensitive health data transmitted on the network, in use on workstations, or at rest in workstations, network servers and cloud storage. We see the system, user, and data events no one else can to protect against insider and outsider threats, including ransomware.

Analytics and Reporting that Demonstrate Compliance

Digital Guardian analytics and reports can provide the key documentation to demonstrate HIPAA compliance. Our enterprise wide reporting shows where sensitive health data is located, how it’s used and what mechanisms you have in place to enforce HIPAA data protection principles.

Flexible & Automated Controls that Protect Data without Slowing Patient Care

Controls operate silently until needed, then automatically respond to risky behavior. Employees are educated in real-time on the appropriate handling of HIPAA-regulated data via display prompts that request justification for actions that put data at risk. Actions that violate data protection policies are blocked or contained before personal data gets out.

How A Renowned Healthcare Institution Protects Patient Data in The Cloud

A world-renowned research and medical institution wanted to use the cloud to dramatically improve the ease and speed of sharing information across their multiple campuses and around the world.

We Can Prove It

Because of Digital Guardian, we were able to identify issues and correct them before stringent breach notification laws were put into effect.

- Steve Scott 
Information Security Manager
St Charles Healthcare System

Customer Success Story
Enabling Care Providers While Confidently Protecting Patient Data