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Here’s the Challenge

Healthcare has the unenviable task of balancing protection of large amounts of personal and medical data with the need for quick access and easy movement by and to care providers, insurers, partners and other affiliates. With recent ransomware attacks in hospitals, healthcare CISOs now understand compliance does not equal security; new controls are needed.

In addition, insider misuse is a major issue for the healthcare industry. It is the leading industry where employees or practitioners are the predominant threat actors in data breaches.

Here’s the Solution

More than 120 healthcare organizations trust Digital Guardian to balance patient care and data security.

Digital Guardian enables healthcare organizations to effectively discover, monitor and control PHI, whether on the network, in use on desktops or laptops, at rest in databases and on network servers - or stored in the cloud. Automated and flexible controls prevent a data breach without negatively impacting practitioners or patient outcomes. Real-time prompts enhance security awareness at the point of risk, reducing insider misuse of sensitive data.

Solution Benefits


Digital Guardian with its deepest visibility into data, user and system events, can identify and tag sensitive data in real-time even before you develop formal policies. We accurately identify PHI using our Database Record Matching fingerprinting technology.


Digital Guardian Analytics and Reporting Cloud uses a big data cloud services architecture and innovative UI to aggregate and analyze millions of system, user and data events and turn all that data into human digestible intelligence. Analysts can detect and respond to threats – both insider and outsider – faster and more efficiently.


Our behavior-based rules automatically prompt users to prevent actions that violate policies and put data at risk. Users are educated in real-time with positive reinforcement on the appropriate handling of regulated data via display prompts that request justification. Illegal downloads or exfiltration can be blocked or contained before the data is gone.

The Definitive Guide to DLP - Healthcare Edition

This comprehensive guide provides what you need to understand, evaluate, and succeed with DLP in healthcare systems. It includes insights from DLP Experts, Forrester Research, Gartner, and Digital Guardian's security analysts.



  • Personal health Information (PHI)
  • Patient Financial Information Including Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data

Healthcare IT

  • Patient Care Data
  • Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Healthcare Analytics

  • Claims & Cost Data
  • Unstructured Data Such as R&D Data, Clinical Data, Patient Behavior & Sentiment Data

Benefits Management & Insurance

  • Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Claims Data
  • Patient Care Data

We Can Prove It

Securing PHI in the Cloud for Online Collaboration

A world-renowned research and medical institution wanted to use the cloud to dramatically improve the ease and speed of sharing information — across their multiple campuses and with their associates around the world.

Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection allows this organization to adopt cloud storage without giving up the visibility and control required by today’s regulatory environment. All files uploaded to cloud storage are scanned for confidential or sensitive information and remediation is automatically applied. This combination of Box for Business and Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection has allowed this world class research and medical facility to meet its goal of secure, compliant cloud sharing.


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